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Sony shows wearable 3-D personal theater


Published : Aug. 31, 2011 - 15:54

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TOKYO (AP) _ Sony is launching a head mounted display that provides a three dimensional theater of music videos, movies and games.

Head Mounted Display “Personal 3D Viewer” (HMZ-T1) ( Head Mounted Display “Personal 3D Viewer” (HMZ-T1) (

Sony Corp. showed the 60,000 yen ($800) ``HMZ personal 3-D viewer‘’ Wednesday. The machine is set to go on sale Nov. 11 in Japan, and is planned for the U.S. and Europe, perhaps in time for Christmas, although dates have not yet been set.

Resembling a futuristic visor, HMZ, which stands for ``head mounted display,‘’ is worn like chunky goggles-and-earphones in one.

The footage before the viewer _ a music video of a Japanese singer in the demonstration for reporters in Tokyo _ is crystal-clear and feels like peering into a dolls house in which a real-life tiny singer is moving.


'언제어디서든 3D세상' 소니 3D씨어터 11월 출시

소니가 전형적인 헤드폰에 3D 모니터를 단 3D 씨어터를 선보여 화제가 되고 있다.

스키용 고글과 이어폰을 합쳐놓은 듯한 이 제품은 소비자가 언제 어디서든 3D영상을 보고 듣고 즐길수 있도록 만들어졌다고.

가격은 6만엔, 한화로 85만원으로 책정되었다. 오는 11월부터 일본서 시판에 들어가며, 미국 유럽을 비롯한 해외 시장에는 크리스마스쯤에 선보일예정이다.

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