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Mime cycles for orphans

A Korean man has cycled his way around the country dressed as a clown to buy bikes for underprivileged children.

Woo Keun-chul made the circuit from Seoul to Busan and back again wearing pantomime makeup to raise cash from July 17 to Aug. 19. 
Woo Keun-chul on his trip around Korea. (Woo Keun-chul)
Woo Keun-chul on his trip around Korea. (Woo Keun-chul)

His mime shows performed on streets along the way raised more than 1.8 million won, which he will put toward buying 100 bikes for orphans in Korea.

The keen cyclist said he gave up his job to take to the road because he wanted children to experience the pleasure of riding bikes too.

The 27-year-old slept in a tent throughout his trip to keep his costs down and ensure that the most money possible could go to needy kids.

Woo said: “The bicycle is a tool that can widen horizons. I would like to give that dream to children.”

He is still collecting sponsorship money from donors and plans to buy and donate the bikes next month.

He has blogged about his adventures at:

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