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Joint military academy bill put on public notice

The Ministry of National Defense on Thursday put on public notice a bill to establish a “joint military academy” aimed at improving jointness among the three armed services, officials said.

Should the Cabinet approve the bill, the academy will be launched on Dec. 1, they said.

The idea of establishing it was conceived as the military is seeking to reform itself with a focus on improving cooperation among the Army, Navy and Air Force.

The academy will have a department in charge of education on jointness and another in charge of developing military principles and concepts that will enhance interoperability of the three military wings.

Education on jointness at the academy will be under the control of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

“Jointness” has been cited as one of the key issues the South Korean military should tackle, as shortcomings in the area were revealed following the sinking of the Cheonan last year.

Critics said that due to insufficient cooperation, the South Korean military was not able to promptly and effectively handle the naval tragedy that killed 46 sailors. An international investigation later concluded that a North Korean midget submarine had torpedoed the 1,200-ton vessel in the West Sea.

By Song Sang-ho (
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