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S. Korean, U.S. marines engage in anti-terrorism exercise

South Korean and U.S. marines are conducting a joint anti-terrorism exercise in the southeastern port city of Pohang in efforts to enhance their combined operational skills and bilateral alliance, the Marine Corps said Wednesday.

Some 100 South Korean marines and about 50 marines of the U.S. Pacific Fleet have joined the 11-day exercise that began Monday. They practiced a series of tactical combat drills including live-fire maneuvers.

“With mock combat equipment, we will create real battle conditions so that we can enhance our training outcome,” a marine official said, declining to be named.

“Troops from the South and the U.S. specializing in communications and ammunition would work to improve their joint commanding skills.”

The drills, which the marines from both sides will engage in, also include rock-climbing and parachute landing fall.

“Through this exercise, we can maximize our combined combat capabilities, which will help improve our bilateral alliance,” the official said.

By Song Sang-ho (
Korea Herald Youtube