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International media covers Seoul daily

Seoul attractions have been covered at least once a day on average by international news media in the first half of the year, Seoul City government said.

Worldwide news media have broadcast the capital 285 times in news coverage and TV broadcasts since January this year.

The figure showed that the main focus of many international reports has expanded from the city’s tradition to little known attractions, lifestyle of its citizens and their cultural activities.

Reports from North America have mainly featured the traditional cuisine and culture and lifestyle of Seoul citizens. Japan has focused on hidden attractions and the Korean culture wave, hallyu. News stories from China and Southeast Asian countries spotlighted the modern side of the city and shopping districts. Reports from South America and Africa where the city is not known as much as in other countries covered the city’s eco-friendly policies.

Newspaper articles took up 41 percent with 117 stories, followed by online media (18 percent), news agencies (15 percent), magazines (12 percent), TV networks (11 percent) and radio stations (3 percent).

“Foreign news reports have tremendous effect regarding the city’s image. The city government will strengthen efforts to promote the city in foreign news reports using effective marketing strategies,” Shin Myun-ho, director of the city’s economic promotion, said.

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