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Cruise to raise more charity cash

An open mic dance party on a boat off a Korean island is to raise cash for charity.

The Jeju Furey Foundation, founded to help an expat’s widow and her two children, has raised more than 30 million won ($28,200) in two years. The charity has raised the cash through many sports tournaments, concerts and T-shirt sales on the island. The group first started raising cash for English teacher Nathan Furey’s bereaved wife Hyo-jung in 2009, and has donated 17 million won to a trust fund for the pair’s two sons to date. This Tuesday, the group also handed over 2 million won to a Jeju grandmother bringing up her two orphaned grandchildren, bringing its donations to her up to 4 million won.

The latest fund-raising event will be the Costal Cruise party on Saturday, July 23 which is to depart from Dodoo harbor at 7 p.m.

The two-floor boat can hold 400 people and features dance floors as well as kitchens and bars. An open mic night is to be held as the boat sails.

Early-bird tickets cost 14,000 won per person before July 11, or 22,000 afterwards.

For more information, go to the Jeju Furey Facebook page or email