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How to exercise during rainy season

By 배지숙

Published : July 7, 2011 - 19:04

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The official jangma, or rainy season, has reached its peak with up to 200 millimeters of rainfall pounding the nation throughout the week.

Heavy rain like this will be a disappointment for most joggers and outdoor activity fanatics. Some people enjoy exercise in the rain but doctors advise people to keep to indoor activities.

Dr. Park Won-ha of Samsung Medical Center suggested ways to enjoy safe exercise during the rainy season.

1. Running: When running on rainy days, make sure you are on safe tracks in parks rather than near vehicles. Wearing waterproof jackets and other garments are strongly recommended but if you don’t like the humidity, then Cool Max and other mesh designs that provide good ventilation might be suitable.

Make your period of exercise shorter than usual, but spare more time for stretching and other warming up exercises.

2. Hiking: It is best to refrain from heading into the mountains during rainy weather because slippery courses mean possible accidents. Hikers should wear waterproof clothing and take chocolate or other high-calorie food to warm the body when body temperature falls.

Take extra socks and clothes wrapped in plastic bags in order to prevent them from getting wet.

Always keep an eye on the weather forecast. Downpour could be fatal if one is in a valley or near any water.

3. Golf: Rain cannot deter fervent golf lovers. However, people should be alert for lightning strikes because of the flat terrain and little protection.

4. Indoor sports: Exercise can be fun even indoors.

For indoor activities such as swimming, indoor cycling and other aerobic activities, about 20 to 60 minutes three to five times a week is fine.

For aerobics, using a treadmill is the most popular. It strengthens cardiac function and the joints. From walking to light jogging, many things are possible. It is recommended to beginners of exercise, elderly people, heart disorder patients and obese people.

Straighten the back, keep your head up and swing the arms. For walking, a 5-6.5 kilometer per hour speed is advised. The best speed is to feel “a little short of breath.” Holding dumbbells while moving is also a good way to burn extra calories.

Jogging on a treadmill is perhaps the most effective way to burn body fat and enhance cardio stamina.

Be sure to warm up before stepping onto the treadmill. Starters should choose a 15-to-30 minute-course then increase it to 60 minutes. It is true that jogging on the machine could be rather boring and might cause some damage to the joints.

A stepper could be an alternative to treadmills for those who want to strengthen the lower body. Step on the device one foot at a time. Add some rhythm and continue for half an hour.

Riding indoor cycles could be also effective. Since it does not involve too much movements, people can read newspapers or watch television while pushing the pedals. Be sure to adjust the right level for saddle and control the speed. About 50-70 rpm for half an hour, three times a week is advised.

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