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Marine private arrested in connection with shooting spree

By 황장진

Published : July 6, 2011 - 11:22

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The Marine Corps on Wednesday arrested a private for allegedly aiding the recent shooting spree on a seaside unit, a military official said.

According to the official, the private, whose name was withheld, is accused of failing to stop the shooter, a corporal named Kim, when Kim was taking out ammunition from a locker to load a rifle.

Kim opened fire inside the barracks on the Ganghwa Island unit west of Seoul on Monday, killing four and injuring another. Kim himself was injured after he detonated a hand grenade inside a warehouse in an apparent suicide attempt.

"The military police are trying to determine whether the private had plotted the shooting with Kim prior to the event, or whether the private was aware of the plan beforehand," the official said. "I understand that Kim on Tuesday identified the private as someone who helped him."

Kim, 19, admitted to investigators on Tuesday that he had been ostracized by both his superiors and juniors on the 30-deep Marine unit. A report claimed Kim had anxiety and personality disorders and showed signs of schizophrenia before joining the unit last September.

Later Wednesday, the Marine Corps held a joint funeral for the four victims. Lt. Gen. Yoo Nak-jun, the commander of the Marine Corps, apologized to the surviving families for his failure to protect the Marines.

"We will try to make sure our soldiers never again hurt each other," Yoo said in his eulogy. "The sacrifice and strong military spirit of our fallen comrades will stay in our hearts forever."

GySgt. Lee Seung-hoon, Sgt. Lee Seung-ryeol, Sgt. Park Chi-hyun and Cpl. Kwon Seung-hyuk were each posthumously promoted. They will be laid to rest at the Daejeon National Cemetery, south of Seoul, in a separate ceremony later Wednesday.

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김 상병 범행 공모혐의 이병 긴급체포

해병대는 6일 K-2 소총을 발사한 김모 상병(19)의 범행을 도운 혐의로 J모 이병을 긴급 체포한 것으로 알려졌다.

군 관계자는 6일 "해병대 헌병대에서 어젯밤 J모 이병을 긴급 체포했다"면서 "J 모 이병은 김 상병이 탄약을 몰래 빼돌릴 때 인지하면서 묵인한 혐의를 받고  있다"고 밝혔다.

그는 "헌병대에서 J 이병이 김 상병과 범행을 모의했는지, 사전 인지했는지 등을 조사 중"이라면서 "김 상병이 전날 밤 자신을 도와준 병사로 J 이병을 지목한 것으로 안다"고 말했다. (연합뉴스)