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'Bullying could have led to shooting'

A family of the four soldiers killed in Monday’s shooting rampage enter a military hospital, where their bodies are laid, in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province, Tuesday.(Kim Myung-sub/The Korea Herald)
A family of the four soldiers killed in Monday’s shooting rampage enter a military hospital, where their bodies are laid, in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province, Tuesday.(Kim Myung-sub/The Korea Herald)

The Marine who went on a shooting rampage Monday, killing four fellow soldiers, had been treated like an outcast on his base on Ganghwa Island, military officials said Tuesday.

The 19-year-old corporal, identified only by his surname Kim, said in writing, “I feel a lot of pain. I want to die. The practices of beating and ostracizing a soldier should disappear.”

Kim suffered injuries after detonating a grenade, intending to commit suicide at the warehouse near a barrack of the Marine Second Division off the west coast, where the shooting took place.

Kim pointed to a long-standing tradition in the Marine Corps, called “gisuyeoloi.” Under the tradition, fellow soldiers make a maladjusted member an outcast, and soldiers with a lower rank do not treat him as their senior.

“They do not treat me as their senior soldier. ‘Gisuyeloi’ should be stamped out,” he wrote.

Marines in Korea have long prided themselves on being part of their corps even after a discharge. Being designated an outcast is an extremely disgraceful experience for any Marine.

Military investigators are now putting considerable emphasis on “personal psychological problems” as a primary cause for the shooting rampage.

Announcing an interim investigation result, they also said that Kim has been classified as a “soldier that needs special attention” as there were “some problems” in his attitude and speaking.

Investigators found that Kim apparently drank alcohol before he fired some 12-13 shots with his K-2 rifle at his fellow soldiers.

The probe could not proceed quickly as Kim was unable to speak due to the injuries he sustained after detonating the grenade following the rampage, which took place between 11:40-11:50 a.m.

The shooting incident triggered sharp public criticism as it was revealed that the live ammunition was not kept safely at the base. At the time of the incident, the storage facility was left open with the non-commissioned officer in charge of it having stepped out

“Corporal Kim stole some 75 bullets, two blanks and one grenade from a temporary ammunition storage facility at around 10 a.m.-10:20 a.m.,” Navy Capt. Kwon Young-jae, an investigation chief, told reporters.

“The ammunitions facility was not properly taken care of. There should be two soldiers holding two separate keys to it, but we found that only one was managing it.”

Investigators also said that Kim shot the rifle in a single-shot mode rather than firing multiple shots at a time.

“The rifle we found at the scene was in a single-shot mode. After examining the bodies of the dead soldiers, there were no signs of multiple shots fired at a time from the rifle,” Kwon said.

Authorities also found a three-page memo and what appears to be a suicide note in his cabinet. Officials said, however, they have yet to verify whether the suicide note was written by him.

According to military sources, he said in the memo, “I hate myself. There are many who want to change me. My recalcitrant personality shown to teachers during my school days appears to come back. I hate myself grimacing and swearing when seniors speak.”

Some reports also said that since he joined the Marine unit last September, he had been given a special attention as the results of the personality test at a military training center suggested he had symptoms of nervousness, personality problems and schizophrenia.

Meanwhile, the Marine Corps has decided not to conduct an autopsy on the dead soldiers according to the wishes of the bereaved families. Some 70 relatives of the deceased soldiers are now at a military hospital in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province where their bodies are laid.

A staff sergeant, two corporals and a lance corporal were killed in the shooting. Kim and another private first class who was injured in the incident are not in critical condition, officials said.

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김 상병 "구타, 왕따, 기수 열외 없어져야"


조사단과 필담.."후임들이 선임대우 안해줬다"

해병대 2사단의 강화군 소초 내무반에서 총기 사건을 일으킨 김모 상병(19)은 5일 해병대의 고질적인 병폐로 꼽히는 '기수열외'가 이번 사건의 원인이었음을 시사했다.

김 상병은 이날 대전국군병원에서 처음으로 진행된 사고조사단과 문답을 통해 "이번 사고원인이 개인 신상 문제냐"고 묻자 "아니다. 너무 괴롭다. 죽고 싶다. 더이상 구타, 왕따, 기수 열외는 없어져야 한다"고 답했다고 국방부 관계자가 전했다.

해병대에서 나타나는 '기수 열외'는 부대원들 사이에서 특정 해병을 후임자들이 선임 취급도, 선임자들이 후임 취급도 해주지 않는 것을 말한다.

김 상병은 '누가 왕따를 시켰는가'라는 질문에는 "선임 대우를 해주지 않았다. OOO의 주도로 후임병들이 선임 대우를 해주지 않았다"고 답변했다. 김 상병이 지칭한 병사는 숨진 권승혁 일병(20)인 것으로 알려졌다.

국방부 관계자는 "김 상병은 이번 사건원인이 집안 문제냐고 묻자 아니라고 했다"면서 "김 상병과 사고조사단의 문답은 필담으로 이뤄졌다"고 덧붙였다. (연합뉴스)