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‘Some Girls’ starts 3-week run Friday

Probationary Theatre will start its run of U.S. romantic comedy, “Some Girls” in Seoul on Friday.

Described as an often brutal look at love, this comedy by Niel LaBute will be playing for three weeks at White Box Theater in Seoul.

It tells the story of 33-year-old Guy, an aspiring author who is soon to be married. Nervous about settling down, he travels the United States, meeting up with ex-girlfriends in the hope of finding the perfect woman among those he’s already broken up with.

Australian born Liam Mitchinson, who directs the play, says the plot breaks the traditional clichs of the genre.
A scene from “Some Girls.” (Michele Farley)
A scene from “Some Girls.” (Michele Farley)

“I think most people usually hate romantic comedies, because they’re just too predictable. A guy and a girl find themselves working together for some outside reason; they start off hating each other, and then eventually fall in love,” he says.

“I’m sure everyone can think of at least 5 movies that have that exact storyline. I think the subject of love is more complex than that and it’s so refreshing to have a script that is truthful and really funny.”

According to Probationary Theater, the comedy is honest, humorous and manages to be touching without any of the sentimental mush that usually accompanies the romantic comedy genre.

Lead by improv comedy veteran Derek Orth, supported by four actresses, this superb show plays for three weeks at White Box Theatre. Tickets are 15,000 won and the play runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from June 24 to July 9.

Performances will be in English, but a written synopsis in Korean will be available.

White Box Theatre is 5 minutes walk from Hyochang Park Station. Leave Exit 2 and walk toward Hyochang Stadium. Take the first right at Eco and Deco and the theater is on the right.

More information, online booking is available at

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