`The struggle`: life of a Polish pilot during WWII

  • Published : Mar 29, 2010 - 17:25
  • Updated : Mar 29, 2010 - 17:25

"The Struggle" is more than a book recounting the horrors experienced during World War II, it is a touching and very readable account of an interesting life.
It is an autobiography of Franciszek Kornicki said Park Monnhee, who translated the book into Korean. "It is not only his personal history, but also the history of Poland and the history of Europe."
As a Polish fighter pilot during World War II, Kornicki depicts his life at that time, flying across the front line each day.
The author was born in a rather poor peasant family in Poland.
Through his own effort he made his way into the elite, becoming an officer and a fighter pilot of the Polish Air Force.
During World War II he was among the thousands of Polish airmen who came to Britain to fight the Germans, eventually rising to command a fighter squadron.
After betting his life to fight for freedom during the war, he was among the thousands of Poles who settled in Britain, unable to return to their oppressed homeland due to the communist regime that took hold.
However, the autobiography is more focused on his daily life, learning how to overcome difficulties and discovering the brighter side amid the tragedy.
"As a fighter pilot, Kornicki was struggling against mortal enemies of his motherland, while as a human being he pursued his struggle for his own personal development and dignity, and for the faith of his beloved relatives," said Polish Ambassador Marek Calka.
Park believes that the book can offer something different for every Korean generation, "including the youngsters."
"Some of today`s young people might complain about the difficulties they might face. This book will provide a fresh perspective," said Park. "Even if Kornicki was in a very tragic situation, he tried very hard to enjoy the reality that was set for him. He took his life in a very serious manner."
The book does not try to illustrate the horrors and scars of the war. Instead, the author focuses more on questioning his life. For him, experiencing the ravages of the war would only be a part of his life.
Also, readers will be able to indirectly experience several aspects of Polish culture, such as Polish homes, traditional food and lifestyle.
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By Kim Min-hyung