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Late Korean actress` work invited to Polish film fest

"Penthouse Elephant," which features a young South Korean actress who recently hanged herself, has been invited to compete at Poland`s upcoming Warsaw International film festival, the film`s distributor said Tuesday.
According to Yonhap News, the debut film by director Jeong Seung-ku focuses on three male friends who deal with sex addiction, anxiety and other contemporary disorders. The late Jang Ja-yeon played the role of Hye-mi, the girlfriend of a libertine high-flying plastic surgeon.
The film`s distributor, Vantage Holdings, delayed local release to November out of courtesy to fans and relatives of Jang, who committed suicide on March 7.
Her death made headlines for months here as the 30-year-old starlet left a lengthy note claiming she was forced to perform sexual favors for powerful entertainment figures.