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Jang Dong-gun tired of being a bachelor


Fans of Jang Dong-gun be warned, Korea`s hottest and most desirable heartthrob`s bachelorhood may be in jeopardy.
"I`m tired of being single," the actor declared during the official unveiling for his latest film "Good Morning President" at the CGV Apgujeong multiplex in southern Seoul on Tuesday.
In the film, the 37-year-old screen and television star plays the nation`s youngest President-elect and bachelor who begins a budding romance with the daughter of the outgoing Head of State played by Han Chae-young.
The young, recently married starlet who enjoys popularity with men, just as much as Jang does with women, due to her voluptuous figure was also on hand alongside her leading man during the afternoon event.
The two were joined on stage by veterans Lee Soon-jae, Koh Doo-shim and Im Wha-ryong who looked taken aback from all of the media attention.
Lee plays the outgoing President whose legacy is based on an administration formed on self-sacrifice. But his character is put to the test when he becomes the unwitting winner of a 2 billion won lotto.
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Koh plays the first female President of Korea whose misbehaving husband from a working class background pushes their marriage to the brink of divorce.
With a packed house full of both the local and foreign press, the whirlwind atmosphere was a testament to Jang`s regional popularity.
The group was at the receiving end of an onslaught from an overzealous crowd of media photographers eager to get the continental superstar`s every gesture and movement throughout the hour-long news conference.
Every time the actor spoke into his microphone, the echoing sounds of shutters and flashes flooded the theater.
"It`s been fun, but I`m exhausted (being alone)," he said of his life as a longtime bachelor.
"From my younger days, my idea of an ideal woman has always changed but nowadays I like a woman who I can comfortably communicate with like a friend."
Of his return to play a stoic character reminiscent of his leading role in the MBC television series "All About Eve," Jang said, "It`s been almost 10 years since I`ve shown myself wearing a suit so for fans who`ve been anticipating to see the clean-cut Jang Dong-gun again, I hope this film will quench their thirst," he quipped.
The film is projected to make a splash at the box office when it`s slated to open later next month on Oct. 22.
Lots of buzz has been created recently since programmers of the forthcoming 14th Pusan International Film Festival chose it to be the opening film.
But questions thrown by reporters were mostly aimed at Jang which threatened to derail the event`s primary goal of promoting the upcoming release of the film.
Questions about his public image were repeated from various media.
"To be called a `pretty boy` at my age is regrettable," he said.
"To be honest, it did feel good to be called that back when I was younger but these days I would like to be given a different label because to be proud of being called such a thing is only very brief and all of the up and coming actors should be determined to work hard so they can be known for something else other than that."
About rumors of his co-star Han calling him the word every Korean man dreads being called, Jang said, "It was hard but I had to convince myself that it`s time for me to concede and apply that word to my repertoire since I`m at that age now."
Han in defense of herself responded, "It was awkward for me when I first met him so I called him `ajeossi` and then of course he raised his voice at me telling me not to call him that."
Keen on being a diplomat, Han immediately said soon after, "I`ve always been a fan of (Jang Dong-gun) when I was younger, but honestly what girl isn`t a fan of him," and added "The first time I met him he seemed so perfect that it was difficult for me to even approach him but after I got to know him, he`s become like an older brother who`s always so friendly. The entire shoot was a blast because of his generosity."

By Song Woong-ki