Danish princess in Korea for Girl Guide function

  • Published : Mar 30, 2010 - 13:28
  • Updated : Mar 30, 2010 - 13:28


"(My) passion comes from motivating young women to become stronger," said Princess Benedikte during a media roundtable on Saturday.
The Danish princess and sister of Queen Margrethe II looked every bit her grandiose self, clad in a royal canary yellow two-piece suit.
The 64-year-old second daughter of King Frederick IX is in Korea for the third time to take part in the 2009 Olave Baden-Powell Society Annual Event for the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.
She has been the patron of the Olave Baden-Powell Society -- a support organization for the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts since 1984.
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"Women are usually the strongest link in a family. They have to stay at home and raise the children and they need all of the support they can get," she said.
About the strong presence of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in Korea, she added, "I`ve visited various scout organizations around the world, but I think Korea`s is the most active. I feel this country acts as the leader and plays an exemplary role in the worldwide Girl Guide and Girl Scout network."
She emphasized the importance of education of women in developing nations around the world such as Africa, Central and South America, and parts of Asia.
"The goal is to give good training to young women. Good training means they are educated. They need to see the big picture, a broader spectrum and we want our organization to give them a chance to do that," she said and added, "girls I think are quite vulnerable today and it is important to guide them towards the right direction."
Under the banner of "Girls Worldwide Say: Celebrate 25 Years of OB-PS Support for WAGGGS," the princess will be in Korea attending various galas at the event.
300 members of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from 19 countries around the world will be present during the 4-day event in Seoul
On Wednesday, the princess was the recipient of an honorary doctorate from Seoul Women`s University to commemorate her active involvement in nurturing young women into becoming future leaders.
She will also take part in an education tour of Seoul, an optional visit to either Gyungju or Jeju Island before capping her visit by attending a friendship golf tournament.
As a child, a special scout unit was created so she could join the guides and since then she has become the Protector of The Green Girl Guides of Denmark and The Danish Guide and Scout Organization. She is an honorary member of the St. Georges Guilds in Denmark.
By Song Woong-ki