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Korean-Chinese girl group to debut next week


A new five-member girl group named "f(x)" will make their debut on Sept. 2 to compete with "Wonder Girls" and "Girls Generation."
SM Entertainment said on Tuesday that it plans to showcase f(x) at Fashion Center in Samseong-down, southern Seoul, with the attendance of Girls Generation and SHINee.
During the event, f(x) will sing their debut song "Lachata" and release the full edition of their music video of the song to the public, according to the management agency.
The agency explained the meaning of the name of the new girl group, saying "f" indicates flower which represents women, and "(x)" mimics the letter`s use in algebra.
F(x) is made up of five girls -- Sulli, Amber, Krystal, Victoria, and Luna. Three members (Sulli, Krystal, and Luna) are from Korea, and the other two (Amber and Victoria) are from China.
Sulli, 16, was a child actress who appeared as Seonhwa Princess in a SBS soap opera "Seodongyo" aired from 2005 to 2006. At that time, she attracted public attention for her good looks and impressive acting.
Krystal, 16, is well-known as a younger sister of Jessica, a member of Girls Generation. She already has many fans who expect her to make a big impact in the world of girl groups.
Luna, 17, was reportedly recruited by the management agency for her good dancing skills.
One of the two Chinese members, Victoria, 23, drew public attention when she appeared on a Samsumg Anycall advertisement with Korean pop star Rain in China.
Amber, 18, was selected from a global audition held in 2007. According to the agency, she has received various forms of training like rapping, learning Korean, dance in Korea since the beginning of 2008.
"Amber can speak three languages (English, Chinese, and Korean) and she is a boyish and charismatic person, which can`t be found in existing girl groups," the agency said.
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