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[JUNIOR HERALD] Kim So-eun dreams to become chameleon-like actress

Nowadays, the KBS drama "Boys Over Flowers" is gaining a lot of *popularity. And *viewers are increasingly paying attention to the drama actors and actresses.

Actors and actresses with diverse acting experiences are appearing in the drama. They include Kim Hyun-joong, Kim Joon and Kim So-eun. Among them, Kim So-eun`s *superb acting skills have surprised the viewers.

Kim acted as Chae Si-ra` s *childhood character in KBS` "Cheonchu Taehu." In "Cheonchu Taehu," Kim acted the role of a young and *daring *heroine, Hwangbo Su. To enact the role of Hwangbo Su, Kim had to learn how to ride a horse and shoot with a bow and arrow.

Due to her efforts, she is said to have acted perfectly the role of the heroine in the drama. She reportedly drew *compliments from viewers for her acting skills.

Audiences were even more *amazed when they found out that the actress who appeared as Jan-di` s friend in "Boys Over Flowers" was the same actress as the young heroine in "Cheonchu Taehu."

Kim plays the role Chu Ga-eul, who is main character Jan-di`s friend in "Boys Over Flowers." There is also a love story between Ga-eul and Ih-jung in the drama. Ih-jung is one of the members of F4.

Ga-eul` s character is very different from the young heroine Hwangbo Su. Unlike the daring and brave Hwangbo Su, Ga-eul is a high school student who is *shy and *ladylike.

"I did not expect to receive such attention, so I am *nervous and at the same time also feel the burden. But my parents are really happy," said Kim in an interview with The Herald Business.

Kim`s popularity is *soaring and fans have even found a TV commercial which she shot six years ago. This commercial was uploaded on the internet and became an online sensation for a while.

This is just the beginning for Kim. Her aim is to let more people know about her. "I don`t have a big desire. All I want do is to let people know about actress Kim So-eun. And above all I don`t want to *limit the roles that I can act but instead I plan to show a *diverse look like a chameleon," Kim said.

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