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How Navy boot camp instructors are trained

By Business Insider

Published : March 2, 2024 - 11:20

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Recruit division commanders, known as RDCs, are the drill sergeants of the United States Navy. Before they train Navy recruits at boot camp, future RDCs must graduate from Continuation School, or C School, at Naval Station Great Lakes near Waukegan, Illinois, about 40 miles north of Chicago.

Business Insider spent four days at RDC C School to see how recruit division commanders are trained to instruct the next generation of sailors.

RDCs distinguish themselves from other Navy personnel with a red rope they wear around the left shoulder of their uniforms. They're responsible for training and mentoring Navy recruits during their time in boot camp.

During the 13-week C School course, RDC students learn how to motivate recruits, inspect their barracks, and lead them in physical training.

Although the Navy fell short of its recruitment goals in 2023, the branch shows no signs of dialing down the intensity recruits face during basic training. However, RDCs also learn how to implement the Navy's Warrior Toughness program, which provides recruits with tools to cope with the stress they experience during boot camp.