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Pilots debunk 11 flying myths

Pilots Zoya Agarwal and Rajalakshmi Eshwar debunk 11 myths about flying. They talk about why cabir air doesn't make you sick, the effects of flying on your body, and why you shouldn't worry about turbulence. They also debunk the myth that autopilot flies the plane for them. In fact, they give all the commands for it, and monitor it regularly.

Agarwal is a pilot in command for Air India, flying the Boeing 777 aircraft. She is the first woman commander to fly over the North Pole, together with an all-female crew, on one of the longest air routes in the world. You can learn more about her work here:

Eshwar is a first officer for Air India, flying the Boeing 777 aircraft. She's been with the airline for the past 13 years.