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'Revolver' to show new side of Jeon Do-yeon

By Lee Yoon-seo

Published : July 9, 2024 - 16:27

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Jeon Do-yeon stars in Jeon Do-yeon stars in "Revolver." (Plus M Entertainment)

Crime action film "Revolver" will unveil a new aspect of veteran actor Jeon Do-yeon that audiences have yet to see, according to the film's director, Tuesday.

"Revolver" tracks the journey of Soo-young (portrayed by Jeon), a former detective who is released from prison after being convicted for crimes she did not commit.

The film marks a reunion of Oh and Jeon, who worked together on critically acclaimed "The Shameless" (2015). The film earned Jeon the best actress award at the 2016 Baeksang Arts Awards and was selected for the Un Certain Regard section at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.

"Revolver" was written with Jeon in mind, Oh said.

"Typically, I don't craft scenarios with a particular actor in mind. However, I wrote the script for 'Revolver' with Jeon as my lead. Drawing from the qualities I observed in Jeon while working together on 'The Shameless,' I aimed to imbue the script with her distinctive grace, dignity and empathy," Oh said during a press conference held in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Tuesday.

With "Revolver," Oh said, he aimed to show a side of Jeon that the audience had not seen before.

"When directors collaborate with exceptional actors, they often cultivate personal ambitions. With 'Revolver,' my goal was to reveal a side of Jeon Do-yeon that audiences have yet to witness," he said.

"Throughout 'Revolver,' Jeon is prominently featured and I aimed to create a film that kept viewers intrigued and eager to see more of Jeon's face. After finishing the final edit, I thought, 'I did it,'" said Oh.

"Revolver," starring Jeon Do-yeon (Plus M Entertainment)

Jeon has appeared in hardboiled, action noir roles, notably in hit flicks such as Netflix original "Kill Boksoon" (2023) and "The Shameless." However, Jeon never intentionally sought out action roles, the actor claimed.

"I don't have very good physical coordination. I often feel like I have two left feet. Therefore, I did not think about wanting to do action films (first). However, I was open to the idea when the opportunity presented itself," said Jeon.

Addressing concerns that her depiction of a skilled fighter in "Revolver" might draw comparisons to her past roles in films such as "Kill Boksoon," Jeon emphasized that Soo-young in "Revolver" possesses unique qualities. In "Kill Boksoon," Jeon played Gil Bok-soon, a highly skilled contract killer and single mother.

"Gil was both a parent and a killer. Therefore, while primarily leaning towards her role as a mother, Gil was a character conflicted about her dual identity," said Jeon.

"However, Soo-young operates independently and prioritizes her own interests. Since both films include action scenes, viewers might perceive them as similar. However, upon watching them, it will become clear that they are distinct works," said Jeon.

"Revolver" hits local theaters on Aug. 7.