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[팟캐스트] (598) 키즈 시장 덮친 "아동 명품룩"

By Park Jun-hee

Published : July 7, 2024 - 17:40

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진행자: 박준희, Elise Youn

[Weekender] VIB treatment: Luxury market surges for ‘very important babies’

기사 요약: 저출산 시대지만 유아동룩 시장은 프리미엄 아동룩 엎고 호황 중이다.

[1] Despite South Korea’s notoriously low birth rate, its childrenswear market shows no sign of abating, especially led by the binge spending of young parents.

* Notoriously: ~을 못하기로 악명 높다

* Abating: [강도가] 약해지다, [강도를 약화시키다, 줄이다

* Binge: 한동안 흥청망청하기

[2] “Most parents that I know think that putting a luxury onesie that costs hundreds of dollars on a baby is excessive because they grow out of clothes so quickly. But, there are also some parents, particularly those who are well-off, who are willing to buy expensive clothes for their kids,” said a 38-year-old Seoul resident surnamed Hong who is the father of two sons.

* Onesie: 상하의가 일체형으로 된 의복

* Excessive: 지나친, 과도한

* Grow out of: 자라서 맞지 않게 되다

* Well-off: 부유한, 잘사는

* Be willing to: ~할 의향이 있어

[3] Some parents argued that purchasing luxury childrenswear is not so excessive given that one can always resell their kids’ clothes on online secondhand trading platforms. “If you keep the clothes in good condition, you can resell them and save a good amount of money,” a 40-year-old mother of a seven-year-old daughter surnamed Kim said.

* Argue: 주장하다

* Purchase: 구입

* Secondhand: 중고

[4] According to Shinsegae Department Store, the nation’s No. 1 department store chain, imported childrenswear posted a 24-percent growth in sales in 2022, with 15 percent in 2023 and 8.3 percent in the first half of this year. Its top-selling brands included Baby Dior and Moncler Enfant.

* Posted: 기록하다

* Top-selling: 가장 잘 팔리는

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