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[What to Watch] Three feel-good movies at theaters perfect for rainy season

By Kim Da-sol

Published : June 29, 2024 - 16:01

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As the country enters the monsoon season which typically lasts from late June to early August, watching feel-good, relaxing films at a cinema while there is heavy rain outside makes for a perfect weekend activity.

According to the weather forecast, the rains will start his weekend and continue throughout next week and the following three movies currently playing or soon to be released at the cinema will keep you dry and put you in a tender state of mind.

“Dauren’s Wedding” (Triple Pictures) “Dauren’s Wedding” (Triple Pictures)

“Dauren’s Wedding”

Directed by Yim Chan-ik, the movie centers on Seung-joo (played by Lee Joo-seung), an assistant documentary director, who hopes to direct and shoot his own piece focusing on the life cycle of hairtail fish. While no one supports his idea, he leaves for Kazakhstan to assist in filming a traditional Korean-Kazakhstan wedding.

There, he stumbles upon Park Yu-ra (played by Ruslan Park), a local director, who gets into a car accident, making Seung-joo miss the wedding they were set to film. To complete the documentary, Seung-joo is forced to stage a fake wedding ceremony in Yura's hometown of Saty Village with Young-tae and Yura's uncle Georgi (played by Jo Ha-suk).

“Dauren’s Wedding” premiered at the 49th Seoul International Film Festival last year. The movie opened in local theaters on June 12.

“The Taste of Things” (Playgram) “The Taste of Things” (Playgram)

“The Taste of Things”

Set in France in 1889, the film follows the life and romance of chef Dodin Bouffant and Eugenie, a cook who works for him. The two have grown fond of one another over 20 years, but as Dodin is faced with Eugenie's reluctance to commit, he begins to cook for her.

The character of Dodin-Bouffant was created based on the Swiss author Marcel Rouff’s 1924 novel “The Passionate Epicure.”

The film won Vietnamese-French filmmaker Tran Anh Hung won the best director award at the 76th Cannes Film Festival in 2023.

“The Taste of Things” opened in local theaters on June 19.

“Perfect Days” (Tcast) “Perfect Days” (Tcast)

“Perfect Days”

German filmmaker Wim Wenders created this movie through a co-production with Japanese writers, telling the story of the routine life of Hirayama (played by Koji Yakusho), a public toilet cleaner in Tokyo.

While Hirayama feels content with his life as a toilet cleaner, listening to music on cassette tapes, reading books and taking photographs are what he cherishes the most. One day, a young woman named Aya stops by the public toilet Takashi is cleaning. Through this unexpected encounter, he reflects on finding the value of beauty and the meaning of life.

The movie landed Yakusho the best actor at the 76th Cannes Film Festival in 2023. It was also nominated for the 96th Academy Awards, becoming the first film not directed by a Japanese filmmaker to be nominated as a Japanese entry.

“Perfect Days” opens in local theaters on July 3.