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[Herald Interview] Pixar animators suggest Patience, Empathy for 'Inside Out 3'

By Lee Yoon-seo

Published : June 24, 2024 - 15:15

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Kim Hye-sook, a senior animator at Pixar Animation Studios (Walt Disney Korea) Kim Hye-sook, a senior animator at Pixar Animation Studios (Walt Disney Korea)

The animators of "Inside Out 2" suggested that if "Inside Out 3" were to be made, Patience and Empathy could be introduced as new emotions at Riley's brain headquarters, during an interview on Friday.

The recently released "Inside Out 2" is the sequel to Pixar's hugely successful "Inside Out" (2015), which delves into the psyche of an 11-year-old girl named Riley by following the adventures of five anthropomorphized emotions: Joy, Fear, Disgust, Anger and Sadness.

"Inside Out 2" follows Riley as she navigates puberty, adding Anxiety, Envy, Embarrassment, and Ennui to the cast.

Kim Hye-sook, a senior animator at Pixar Animation Studios who participated in the animation of Riley's five core emotions, attributed the success of "Inside Out 2" to its ability to resonate with audiences of all ages. On Monday, the film's 12th day of release, "Inside Out 2" crossed the 4 million admissions mark at the South Korean box office. It became the fastest film to hit the milestone among all Disney and Pixar animated films released in Korea.

"The animation has a broad appeal, featuring humor that children enjoy and reflecting what teenagers think. One comment mentioned that adults feel nostalgic and embarrassed because it reminds them of their own teenage years. We put in a lot of effort into connecting with the audience, and it seems we've succeeded in doing so," said Kim during an online interview held with reporters Friday.

Kim said she considered animators to be like actors.

"I view animators as akin to actors. When tasked with animating a character, it's essential for us to ensure that the audience comprehends the character effectively," said Kim.

"When working on the five emotions, I aimed to maintain continuity in the characters from the first film while adding a unique touch to them, by acting the characters out myself (when animating) and researching for references," said Kim.

"Inside Out 2" (Walt Disney Korea)

The huge success of the "Inside Out" series has led to significant interest in a third installment. However, the animators said there are currently no discussions yet at Pixar.

"Pixar values telling stories they are passionate about, rather than producing sequels solely based on previous success. Just as the first and second installments of 'Inside Out' conveyed different messages, I believe the opportunity for a third installment will arise when Pixar has a distinct message they want to share," said Kim.

Asked about which new character might be introduced for a possible third installment, the animators said their personal choices would be Patience and Empathy.

Sue Shim, an animator at Pixar Animation Studios speculated if "Inside Out 3" were to come out, Riley could be entering college or starting her career -- and such experiences and changes could necessitate more patience. Shim animated various human characters in "Inside Out 2," such as Riley and Val, as well as Riley's five core emotions.

Kim suggested empathy.

"It's crucial in society. While being abroad, with a different language and relying solely on technical skills, I often struggled to express myself fully. Despite these differences in language and background, receiving empathetic support made a significant impact," said Kim.

Sue Shim, an animator at Pixar Animation Studios (Walt Disney Korea) Sue Shim, an animator at Pixar Animation Studios (Walt Disney Korea)