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[팟캐스트] (591) 갑질 해명 나선 개통령 강형욱

By Park Jun-hee

Published : June 10, 2024 - 06:00

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진행자: 박준희, Elise Youn

Star dog trainer faces workplace bullying claims

기사 요약: 유명 반려견 훈련사 강형욱, 자신을 둘러싼 갑질·폭언 등 논란에 대해 전면 반박

[1] Celebrity dog trainer Kang Hyung-wook and his dog training business Bodeum Company are facing criticism for allegedly mistreating employees.

* Face criticism: 비평을 마주하다

* Mistreat: (사람·동물을) 학대[혹사]하다

[2] According to several reviews on Job Planet, an online recruitment and job search platform, Kang and his wife Susan Elder, who serves as the company executive, surveilled employees' work messages that were sent using an instant messaging app, used violent language, gaslighted employees, and asked them to run excessive errands on their days off.

* Serve: 지내다

* Surveil: 감시하다

* Violent language: 폭언

* Errand: 심부름, (다른 사람을 대신해서 해 주는) 일

[3] "I quit here and got mental therapy due to panic disorder, anxiety disorder and depression," they wrote. "My mind has been devastated by the continuous gaslighting, blasphemy of character and continuous work requests after hours."

* Quit: (직장·학교 등을) 그만두다

* Due to: ~때문에

* Devastated: 엄청난 충격을 받은

* Blasphemy: 신성 모독

[4] Another former employee accused Kang of berating her with harsh comments like "Stop breathing. It's such a waste for you to breathe. You're worse than pests, just crawl away. Just drop dead."

* Former: 과거, 예전의

* Accuse: 혐의를 제기하다

* Berate: 질책하다

* Worse than: ~보다 못하다

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