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The fourth wave of artists announced for LuckyFes'24 includes Okazaki Taiiku, Conton Candy, Takanori Nishikawa, and 4 more acts from Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Mongolia. A total of 9 acts have been confirmed, and the fourth round of pre-sale tickets has begun!


Published : May 10, 2024 - 20:10

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TOKYO, May 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- LuckyFM Ibaraki Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture) has announced the fourth group of nine artists to perform at "LuckyFes'24," a music festival to be held at the Hitachi Seaside Park (Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture) during the three-day weekend of July 13 (Saturday), 14 (Sunday), and 15 (Monday, public holiday). The fourth round of pre-sales will start from May 8 and the daily schedule for all 68 performers, including the previously announced 59 groups from the first, second, and third rounds, will be announced.


With the goal of becoming "Asia's largest theme park-style festival," we have added four artists from Vietnam, Taiwan, Mongolia, and Thailand. From Thailand, we have Ink Waruntorn, one of the top three female artists in the country. From Taiwan, we have 盧廣仲(Crowd Lu), known for his high musicality and natural singing voice. From Vietnam, we have the collaboration between Chillies, the first band in the country to exceed one million monthly listeners on Spotify, and Morisaki Win. From Mongolia, we have The Wasabies, a girl band born with the backing of the Netherlands' leading production and distribution company, Endemol Shine Group.

Furthermore, we are preparing a ticket sales website specifically for overseas residents through Lawson Ticket, and are making progress on overseas marketing.

<<4th Batch of Performing Artists>>

Ink Waruntorn/岡崎体育/盧廣仲(Crowd Lu)/Conton Candy/The Wasabies/Chillies special guest MORISAKI WIN/西川貴教/Mega Shinnosuke/ヤングスキニー


■ 盧廣仲(Crowd Lu) (Taiwan)

A singer-songwriter from Tainan, Taiwan. He is the youngest winner of the "Three Golds" (Golden Melody Awards, Golden Bell Awards, and Golden Horse Awards) in Taiwan's history. Along with music, he also has a flourishing acting career.

■ The Wasabies (Mongolia)

After being selected on Mongolia's program "Star Academy," this girl band was created in January 2018 through the support of the Netherlands' leading production and distribution company, Endemol Shine Group.

■Chillies special guest MORISAKI WIN (Vietnam)

Formed in October 2018, Chillies has crossed borders to dominate charts and become the first Vietnamese band to exceed 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify. In January 2024, their collaboration song "Dai Lo Mai Chai" with Morisaki Win was released. They will perform live for the first time at LuckyFes'24.

■ Ink Waruntorn (Thailand)

This talented female singer is gaining attention as one of the top three female artists in Thailand. Known for her synth-pop sound reminiscent of the 80s, she is often referred to as the "Queen of Synth-pop" by fans.

AMEFURASSHI with RAM RIDER/ALI/石井竜也with杏里/ウルフルズ/加藤ミリヤ/氣志團/盧廣仲(Crowd Lu)<New>/THE PRIMALS/The Wasabies<New>/J-JUN/私立恵比寿中学/水曜日のカンパネラ/SUPER★DRAGON/SCANDAL/すりぃ/7ORDER/Chillies special guest MORISAKI WIN<New>/冨岡愛/Night Tempo with FANCYLABO/ばってん少女隊/ハルカミライ/FLOW/森高千里/yama/燐舞曲


相川七瀬/Aile The Shota/打首獄門同好会/XY/岡崎体育<New>/KREVA/ゴールデンボンバー/SILENT SIREN/THE BACK HORN/The BONEZ/Jams Collection/SKRYU/超ときめき♡宣伝部/t-Ace/西川貴教<New>/Novelbright/ハラミちゃん/HEY-SMITH/MAN WITH A MISSION/MUCC/Mega Shinnosuke<New>/Roselia


新しい学校のリーダーズ/石崎ひゅーい/Ink Waruntorn<New>/edhiii boi/CANDY TUNE/KOTORI/Conton Candy<New>/Chevon/Juice=Juice/四星球/杉山清貴&オメガトライブ/Da-iCE/TETORA/Def Tech/トンボコープ/Novel Core/FRUITS ZIPPER/bokula./ヤングスキニー<New>/RAISE A SUILEN/ROTTENGRAFFTY

The fourth round of pre-sale tickets will run from May 8th, 12:00 to May 29th, 23:59. Tickets for adults are priced at ¥12,800 for a one-day pass, ¥24,000 for a two-day pass, and ¥35,000 for a three-day pass (tax included). Additionally, to cater to families, tickets for middle and high school students are less than half-price, and elementary school students and younger can enter for free.

LuckyFes'24 will expand its venue to the large grassland area and add four stages: RAINBOW STAGE presented by Leverages, WING STAGE presented by Yakult, GARDEN STAGE, and HILLS STAGE. LuckySpace, featuring artists associated with LuckyFM, which was well received last year, will also be deployed. LuckyFes, with the concept of "crossing over music," delivers a diverse range of music genres, including POPS, ROCK, HIPHOP, JAZZ, anime songs, idols, VOCALOID, dance groups, and popular artists transcending generations. This year, negotiations are underway for the participation of not only domestic but also Korean K-POP and artists from Taiwan, China, Mongolia, and Southeast Asia, further advancing the crossover of music in Asia and globally.

【Ticket Overview】※All prices include tax, elementary school students and below are free*

(One-day pass) Adults: ¥12,800, Middle and high school students: ¥6,400

(Two-day pass) Adults: ¥24,000, Middle and high school students: ¥12,000

(Three-day pass) Adults: ¥35,000, Middle and high school students: ¥17,500

  • Elementary school students and younger children can enter for free (up to two per ticket-holding guardian). High school students and younger are excluded from the guardianship category due to being minors.

◇ Fourth Round Pre-sale (Lottery)

Sales Channels: LuckyFM Ticket Sales System "Iba Ticket" / Lawson Ticket

Acceptance Period: May 8th (Wednesday) 12:00 to May 29th (Wednesday) 23:59

Announcement of Results: June 3rd (Monday) 15:00

LuckyFes Ticket Page:

LuckyFM Ticket Sales System "Iba Ticket":

Lawson Ticket LuckyFes Special Page:

Ticket Pia:

Eplus LuckyFes Special Page:

Rakuten Ticket LuckyFes Special Page:

■ For Overseas Residents (Lottery) *Non-Japanese credit cards accepted

Lawson Ticket:


In conjunction with the LuckyFes'24 event, the operation of temporary direct buses from Ibaraki Airport has been confirmed. The ticket sales period for the Ibaraki Airport departure direct bus to LuckyFes'24 is from today until July 6th, with a limited price of ¥3,500 (one-way trip). Please note that the application will close once seats are filled, so we recommend registering as early as possible.

Apply here:

■ LuckyFes2024 (

LuckyFM Ibaraki Broadcasting will hold the LuckyFes2024 music festival on July 13th (Saturday), 14th (Sunday), and 15th (Monday, holiday). With the slogan "From Ibaraki to the world - especially targeting Asia," we will aim to surpass the success of last year and further level-up the festival!

1)  Asia

・Negotiations for the participation of Korean K-POP and artists from Taiwan, China, Mongolia, and Southeast Asia are underway.

・HP and information displays will primarily use Japanese and English.

  1. ・Establishment of AsiaDining within LuckyDining

2)  Maximum (but safe and secure)

・Expanding the area into the large grassland, aiming for the participation of 40,000 friends per day on four stages

・Increasing the number of shaded areas and drink stations for heat countermeasures

  1. ・Tripling the number of nursing centers for heatstroke countermeasures to create a safe and secure environment

3)  Theme park-style

・Expanding the available activities beyond music

・Elevating art and dining (LuckyDining) to a more global level

・Establishing an environment adjacent to the amusement park (Pleasure Garden) where children can enjoy play while listening to music

Venue: Hitachi Seaside Park (605-4 Oonuma, Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture)

Date: July 13th (Saturday), 14th (Sunday), 15th (Monday, holiday), 2024

LuckyFes'23 aftermovie

■ LuckyFM (

LuckyFM is the only private broadcasting station covering Ibaraki Prefecture on FM 94.6MHz/88.1MHz. With the opening of FM Tsukuba Station (88.1MHz) and the expansion of radiko's free distribution area to include the entire Kanto region (1 metropolis and 6 prefectures), we have become a radio station that can be heard even in the Greater Tokyo Area. Focusing on five concepts—Diverse Music, Local Major, Niche Top, News, and Sports—we are committed to producing original programs. We also organize large-scale events and concerts centered around LuckyFes.