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BOE innovatively developed AMQLED with direct photolithographic patterning


Published : May 27, 2023 - 00:10

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BOE breaks through the resolution limit of traditional process, leading the new trend of the quantum dot display industry

LOS ANGELES, May 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. successfully developed a 4.7-inch 650 PPI Active-Matrix Quantum Dot Light-emitting Diode (AMQLED) display prototype based on direct photolithography technology of quantum dots in QLED (DP-QLED), which made an amazing debut at the SID Display Week 2023 in Los Angeles, CA, attracting wide attention from the industry. BOE's AMQLED prototype based on DP-QLED process has a high contrast ratio of over 10,000,000: 1 and a high color gamut of 85% BT2020. It is another disruptive AMQLED technology launched by BOE after the development of 5-inch, 14-inch, 55-inch 4K (80 PPI), and 55-inch 8K (160 PPI) quantum dot electroluminescent display. It has once again led the new trend of quantum dot display industry technology, and illustrated that BOE is one of the leading players in the field of quantum dot display.

FMM-free, Simpler process, More efficient development

The direct photolithography technology of quantum dots in QLED (DP-QLED) developed by BOE needs only three steps, including coating, exposure, and development, to pixelate of one color of quantum dots. Compared with other photolithographic patterning technique, the number of steps DP-QLED is largely reduced, and no additional structure is required, which can effectively improve the production efficiency and greatly reduce the cost. Since the DP-QLED process eliminates the need for expensive fine metal masks (FMM) by using mature photolithography masks, it will lead to highly freedom of combination of size, pixel density, and pixel layout design, higher opening rate, longer device lifetime, simpler process, and more flexible and efficient product development in the display fields with all sizes.

Breaking through the resolution limitation of traditional process, achieving the display market with all sizes

Since quantum dots are inorganic nanoparticles, inkjet printing was widely believed to be the mass production method. Due to the limited accuracy of inkjet printing, QLED is generally considered to be limited to large display products with a resolution of 300 PPI or less. BOE's unique DP-QLED technique breaks through the limitation of resolution of traditional evaporation and inkjet printing processes. Its resolution theoretically depends on the accuracy of the mask aligner. In principle, it can even obtain sub-micron line width of the pattern, reaching a pixel density of more than 10,000 PPI. BOE's DP-QLED technique has greatly promoted the commercialization of QLED technology to the medium and small size display market and even micro-display market, helping to achieve the full coverage of the display markets with all sizes, and bringing ultimate visual experience to customers.