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Renault’s QM6 combines perks of SUVs and sedans

By Yu Ji-soo

Published : April 26, 2023 - 15:35

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Renault Korea's new QM6 (Renault Korea) Renault Korea's new QM6 (Renault Korea)

Renault Korea’s new QM6 SUV is more than just your typical SUV -- it is also equipped with the much-loved perks of a sedan.

SUVs are usually known to offer a less comfortable riding experience compared to sedans due to the bigger tires causing higher road impact.

With an improved power train, reduced noise, an upgraded exterior and additional convenience features, Renault’s QM6 presents a solution to this issue by keeping the performance and capabilities of an SUV while incorporating the comfort of a sedan.

The noise that is typically heard when driving a car can be attributed to sources all throughout the vehicle. Renault made sure to address these sources and have reduced noise, enhancing the driving experience.

The carmaker explained that sound-absorbing materials were used in order to block out engine noise in the cabin. The car also features double-tier windows, offsetting the disadvantage of a typical SUV’s windows, which are more susceptible to wind noises due to their larger surface area.

The LPe model in particular features a toroidal LPG tank -- alternately referred to as a donut tank because of its shape -- that is mounted on the car’s side beam as opposed to the floor of the frame. Due to its position, the noise, vibration and impact caused by the tank coming into contact with the vehicle’s body are greatly reduced, Renault said. This makes it not only quieter but also safer to ride. This earned the carmaker its own patent for the new mounting technology.

To counter the increase in friction from higher engine revolutions, the QM6 uses a continuously variable transmission or CVT. Thus, there is no shock from gearshift changes and the car is able to maintain a low rotational speed of 1,300 rpm at 50 kilometers per hour and 1,800 rpm at 100 kilometers per hour.

From the sturdier radiator grille and olive green napa leather seats to the filtered air purifier, the SUV also touts a sleek look and trendy specs.

However, the most anticipated feature is arguably the Easy Life entertainment system, which has something for everyone. Riders can enjoy a 9.3-inch display for navigation, AI-based voice recognition technology, music and more.