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SHINee’s Key returns with 2nd repackaged album 'Killer'

Teaser photo of Key's second repackaged album “Killer” (SM Entertainment)
Teaser photo of Key's second repackaged album “Killer” (SM Entertainment)

Key of SHINee unveiled his second repackaged album, “Killer,” on Monday.

The comeback comes six months after the release of Key’s second solo studio album “Gasoline” last August.

The album includes three new tracks, including "Killer," “Heartless” and “Easy.”

It also includes 11 tracks from Key’s second full-length album, including “Gasoline,” “I Can’t Sleep” and “Ain’t Gonna Dance.”

The title track is an uptempo dance song with a retro sound based on new wave and synth-pop from the 1980s.

“Killer” is a dark, moody track composed with diverse sound effects and synthesizers.

Its lyrics sing about the regret and pain that comes from being unable to forget a girl after cruelly breaking up with her.

The plaintive yet energetic music video portrays the man who breaks up with the girl as a killer.

The new album is expected to be cherished by global fans, as Key engages in a broader musical spectrum.

Key is expanding his career portfolio by not only working on music, but also starring in variety shows.

Last year, the artist wrapped up solo concerts in Seoul in October and in Yokohama, Japan, the following month.

He also won awards including an excellence award for the variety category at the 2022 MBC Entertainment Awards and the grand prize in the men's variety-idol category at the KCForum 2022 Brand of the Year awards.

The veteran idol put out his first full solo album “Face” in November 2018 and released a repackaged version of “I Wanna Be” in March 2019, just ahead of his enlistment into the military.

His first LP topped the iTunes Top Albums chart in 12 regions.

Key's first solo work was the digital single “Forever Yours,” also from November 2018, which was released some 10 years after his debut as a member of SHINee.

SHINee is also likely to make a full unit return. The bandmates have been hinting that a full album will come out in May, in time for the band’s 15th anniversary.

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