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Woodz to return with pre-release single ‘Abyss’

Teaser image of Woodz's pre-release single
Teaser image of Woodz's pre-release single "Abyss" (EDAM Entertainment)

Singer and songwriter Woodz, also known as Cho Seung-youn, is making a comeback with the pre-release single “Abyss” from his fifth mini-album.

EDAM Entertainment, Woodz's managing agency, unveiled Monday the teaser image and title of the pre-release single.

The teaser image, which looks like a movie poster, shows Woodz standing alone in front of an old castle with a message that reads “It’s alright if you want a lot. I’ll let you have it all.”

“Abyss” is expected to reveal Woodz's “a very personal story," as the teaser itself suggests.

This comeback comes nine months after the release of his fourth mini-album, “Colorful Trauma,” in May.

It is also the artist's first single since joining Edam Entertainment.

The agency also houses singer and actor IU, as well as actor Shin Se-kyung.

All eyes are on what genre Woodz, known as a multifaceted singer and songwriter, will be trying out this time with his well-established musical talent.

He made his debut as a member of Uniq in 2014 and went solo in 2018, but rose to stardom with his appearance in the audition program “Produce X 101.”

He ranked No. 5 and made it into the project group X1 in 2019.

When the project group abruptly disbanded amid a vote-rigging scandal of the audition program, he returned as a solo musician with the EP “Equal.”

By taking part in composing and writing the lyrics to his songs “I hate you,” “Love Me Harder,” and “Waiting,” Woodz was recognized for his musical talents.

The pre-release single “Abyss” will be out on Feb. 22 at 6 p.m.

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