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LG debuts air-purifying face mask

LG PuriCare Mask, featuring AI, speaker and fan, becomes first electronic mask to get approved in Korea

The LG PuriCare Mask (LG Electronics)
The LG PuriCare Mask (LG Electronics)

LG Electronics debuted its new air-purifying electronic mask in Korea on Thursday, becoming the first company to get approval for the sale of the mask in the country.

Approved by the Korea Conformity Laboratories for its filtration capabilities, the company said the LG PuriCare mask had removed 99.9 percent of the 0.01 micrometer-sized impurities within the mask, allowing a clean supply of air for its wearer.

Ergonomically designed to be tailored to the human's face structure, the mask minimizes the air leakage around the nose and mouth.

The LG PuriCare mask further caters to customers with sensitive skin, by having medical silicon equipped to the 'face guard', which directly touches the face. According to the company, the silicon-based face guards lessens skin irritation, and can be replaced.

The mask is also equipped with fans, which allow air to pass freely and frequently ventilates the air nearby.

The breathing sensor on the inside of the mask detects the user's inhalation and exhalation -- automatically controlling the amount of air flowing through the mask, by adjusting the speed of two fans accordingly.

The new product also removes communication barriers, with a built-in microphone and speaker that allows for conversations with others without having to lower the mask or raise one's voice.

The mask is also waterproof.

Artifical intelligence-based LG ThinQ applications can be connected to the mask to check the remaining battery capacity and the replacement timing for its filter.

According to the company, the LG PuriCare mask can be used for up to 8 hours when fully charged by using USB-C type ports or cases.

The product, including accessories, weighs 123 grams -- the weight of about two eggs -- and is available in 'creamy white' and 'ocean black' colors.

The charging case is sold separately and will have six ultraviolet light-emitting diodes sterilizing the surface of the mask and the face guard. The light will exterminate 99.99 percent of harmful germs, the company said.

The price of the new product is 199,000 won ($150) for masks and 149,000 won for charging cases.

The South Korean electronics giant's release of its LG PuriCare mask follows the product's release in 23 regions including Taiwan, Vietnam and Spain.

The company had pinpointed the cause of the late unveiling of its electronic mask in the domestic market to the country's lack of safety standards related to electronic masks.

In response, LG Electronics applied for a regulatory sandbox last year. The Korean Agency for Technology and Standards accordingly enacted the preliminary safety standards for electronic masks last December.

After passing KATS' standards, electronic masks that follow the guidelines specified by Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency can now be commercialized and used in public spaces.

After passing both KAT and KDCPA's standards, the LG PuriCare mask became the first electronic mask that is allowed to be used in the country in public.

"A new concept of electronic masks based on unique technology will provide a differentiated customer experience," said Lee Jae-sung, vice president at LG Electronics.

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