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[Today’s K-pop] Monsta X’s I.M signs with Sony Music Korea

(Credit: Starship Entertainment)
(Credit: Starship Entertainment)

I.M of Monsta X joined label Sony Music Korea recently, and confirmed the company Tuesday after uploading via social media his photograph only showing silhouettes the previous day.

The musician debuted as the youngest member of the boy band in 2015 with EP “Trespass.” All members except him renewed their contracts with Starship Entertainment in August, even though he will continue to be a part of the group.

After dropping mixtapes “Who Am I” and “Fly with Me,” I.M put out first solo EP “Duality” last year, topping iTunes top albums chart in 18 regions and ranking No. 20 on Billboard’s world digital song sales chart.

Meanwhile, the band held a standalone concert in Seoul in September and will join the lineup for 2022 Melon Music Awards that will be held in Seoul on Nov. 25.


Victon, as quintet, releases 8th EP

(Credit: IST Entertainment)
(Credit: IST Entertainment)

Victon returned as a quintet and put out eighth EP “Choice” on Tuesday.

The EP comes about six months since its previous EP and also marks the sixth anniversary of the band’s debut. All members participated in writing the lyrics for “Feels Good,” adding more significance to the album, said the bandmates.

“We have been telling our fans that we will show how we are maturing every time we put out an album. But this album really is the ‘epitome’ of our growth,” said Sejoon. It also contains the band’s will to make choices without regrets, added Byungchan.

The EP is the final installment of its Time trilogy and the members tried to display their versatility through a range of different concepts from casual to futuristic, explained Hanse.

Last month, Heo Chan left the team after getting caught for driving under influence.


Kang Daniel to tour 17 cities in Europe, North America

(Credit: Konnect Entertainment)
(Credit: Konnect Entertainment)

Kang Daniel announced plans to tour Europe and North America on Tuesday.

He will kick off the European leg of his namesake international tour on Jan. 25 in Manchester, UK. Followed by a show in London, he will then hop over to Paris and visit Spain, Netherlands and Germany until Feb. 4. In March, he will go live in 10 cities around the US and Canada.

Since last month, he is touring Asia that brings him to seven cities on the continent. On Nov. 24, Kang will bring out “The Story: Repackage Retold,” a reissue of his first studio album “The Story.”

In the meantime, the former Wanna One member stirred up controversy with his comments. While hosting a live dance competition show, he mentioned a sparkling water brand as a way to thank the show’s sponsor Coca Cola. But he actually named one from its rival and Kang issued an apology.


Winner’s Mino to host art show next month

(Credit: YG Entertainment)
(Credit: YG Entertainment)

Mino of Winner will hold his first solo art exhibition in Seoul, according to Start Art Korea on Tuesday.

He will display over 20 pieces of his paintings. He first presented his work in public in 2019 at a group show for new artists. Last month he showcased a series of work at Saatchi Gallery in London after exhibiting at StART art fair in Seoul.

The solo art exhibit will be held from Dec. 16 to Jan. 15, 2023.


By Hwang You-mee



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