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Serial rapist Kim Geun-sik's personal information to be posted online


The personal information of 54-year-old Kim Geun-sik, a serial rapist who sexually assaulted 11 minors, will be officially posted on government website on the day of his release, said the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family on Friday.

The ministry said that it will disclose eight pieces of personal information on Kim: his name, age, photo, address, height and weight, criminal record, court ruling and whether he has an electronic tracking device.

The Gender Ministry began the process of registering for disclosing personal information on Kim last year. Information disclose request was filed in July 2021, and the court permitted the request in October of the same year.

Kim served 15 years in prison for sexually assaulting 11 minors in the Seoul metropolitan area from May to September 2006, and will be released from Seoul Southern Detention Center on Monday. Immediately after the release, a location tracking device will be attached to his ankle, and dedicated probation officers will begin 24-hour supervision.

Meanwhile, Kim is highly likely to stay at a rehabilitation facility under the Ministry of Justice in Gyeonggi Province after his release. The facility provides accommodation and food to released criminals and helps them return to society. After the first six months, his stay can be extended three times after evaluation for a maximum stay of up to two years.

The sex offenders' personal information disclosure system has been in place since January 2010, and available on the government website through a feature called "sexual offender notification." Separate notices are sent to residents of areas where sex offenders reside.

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