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[Box Office] Movies in theaters this week

The Black Phone


Opened Sept. 7


Directed by Scott Derrickson

After being abducted by a child killer nicknamed "The Grabber," 13-year-old boy Finney (Mason Thames) is locked in a soundproof basement. On the wall, there is a black phone that does not work. Later, Finney hears the mysterious telephone ring and starts receiving strange calls from the killer's previous victims, who are now dead.

Confidential Assignment 2: International


Opened Sept. 7


Directed by Lee Suk-hoon

North Korean detective Chul-ryung (Hyun Bin) is sent to South Korea again on a new mission. His target is North Korean crime organization leader Jang Myung-joon (Jin Seon-kyu). In South Korea, Chul-ryung once again teams up with detective Kang Jin-tae (Yoo Hye-jin). Meanwhile, FBI agent Jack (Daniel Henney) joins Chul-ryung and Jin-tae in their pursuit of Myung-joon.



Opened Aug. 24


Directed by Park Gyu-tae

Chun-woo (Go Kyung-pyo), who is about to complete his military service, ends up with a lottery ticket worth 5.7 billion won ($4.1 million). But he soon loses the windfall as a breeze blows the ticket across the Military Demarcation Line. Yongho (Lee Yi-kyung), a North Korean soldier, finds the lottery ticket across the border.



Opened Aug. 10


Directed by Lee Jung-jae

In the 1980s, two elite agents at the Agency of National Security Planning, Park Pyung-ho (Lee Jung-jae) and Kim Jung-do (Jung Woo-sung), chase a North Korean spy who leaked top secret intel. The agents go head-to-head in an intense confrontation to prove their loyalty to their country and their respective units. Amid a growing obsession with hunting down the spy, the agents start to suspect and investigate each other.

By Song Seung-hyun (