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Medison Pharma Announces the Expansion of its Partnership with Albireo to a Multi-Regional Agreement to Commercialize Odevixibat in Canada and Israel


Published : Aug. 16, 2022 - 21:00

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PETACH TIKVAH, Israel, Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Medison Pharma ("Medison"), a global pharma company focused on providing access to highly innovative therapies to patients in international markets, announced today the expansion of its partnership with Albireo to a multi-regional agreement to commercialize Odevixibat in Canada and Israel,  for the treatment of patients with cholestatic liver diseases.



"Albireo's vote of confidence in the commercial solution Medison offers allows us to continue demonstrating our ongoing commitment to accelerate access to highly innovative therapies in international markets", said Meir Jakobsohn, Founder and CEO of Medison and added "Expanding our partnership with Albireo to the Canadian market enables us to offer innovative solutions to patients suffering from rare cholestatic liver diseases and improve their lives also in this important market".

"We are privileged to expand the access of Albireo's innovative treatment to additional markets and compliment Albireo's global commercial strategy", said Gil Gurfinkel, VP Corporate Development at Medison. "Our multi-regional platform makes us the partner-of-choice for emerging biotech companies seeking to make their innovative products available in international markets for the benefit of patients suffering from severe conditions".

Odevixibat is approved in Europe as Bylvay®. for the treatment of all types of progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis (PFIC) in patients aged 6 months or older. In the U.S., Bylvay was approved for the treatment of pruritus in patients 3 months of age and older with all types of PFIC. Bylvay is a potent, non-systemic ileal bile acid transporter that acts locally in the he small intestine. Bylvay does not require refrigeration and can be taken as a capsule for older children, or opened and sprinkled onto food, which are factors of key importance for adherence in a pediatric patient population.

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