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Hongcheon beer festival is back

Visitors watch the stage at the Hongcheon Beer Festival. (Hongcheon County)
Visitors watch the stage at the Hongcheon Beer Festival. (Hongcheon County)
A local summer festival in Hongcheon county, Gangwon Province, is set to kick off next week.

The five-day “Hongcheon Beer Festival” will offer programs and activities running from Aug. 3 to Aug. 7.

“World Wet Dance Contest,” on Aug. 5 and Aug. 6, will see more than 20 dance crews competing on a stage filled with water.

The festival will be divided into four different themes -- main, healing, cooling and youth -- offering different moods and vibes for the visitors.

Musicians No Brain, Monni, BMK, and Hong Jin-young will perform onstage in the main section.

At the healing section, children can play around a water fountain at the park. A giant water tank will be installed at the cooling section, where people can sit and paddle their feet in the cold water.

The youth section, run by “Hong Chung Mang Chung,” an association of young people living in Hongcheon, will offer a music party, busking and photo zone for young visitors.

The Hongcheon Beer Festival, which was canceled for three years due to COVID-19, will also offer beer sampling events and other hands-on experience during the festival.

By Hwang Dong-Hee (
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