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Secret Number goes cool and chic for 4th EP ‘Doomchita’

Girl group Secret Number poses during a press conference for its new album, “Doomchita,” held Wednesday in Gangnam, southern Seoul. (Vita Entertainment)
Girl group Secret Number poses during a press conference for its new album, “Doomchita,” held Wednesday in Gangnam, southern Seoul. (Vita Entertainment)

Less than a year since Secret Number graced the stages, the rookie girl group dropped its fourth EP “Doomchita.”

This marks the sextet’s return in eight months since its previous work “Fire Saturday.”

In a press conference held in Seoul on Wednesday prior to the album release, Soo-dam described the EP as “an album that shows a different side of Secret Number.” The singer went on to say that all bandmates are looking forward to it and that she felt nervous about how people would take in the change to a dark and charismatic style.

Zuu, a new addition to the band last year, said a lot of work had gone into the album and the change in concept.

“Since it was the first time going for a dark concept, we had invested ample time studying it, prepared a lot for the album, and practiced for the best harmony,” Zuu said.

Leading the two-song package is the title track “Doomchita,” which Soo-dam described as “a powerful dance song with addictive trap-based beats interweaved with brass sounds.”

The lyrics talk about how the group is unique in the world and that the six bandmates are incomparable, Zuu added.

Talking about the band’s choreography, Dita said the highlight is called the “slate dance.”

“Just like how the clapboard signals a new start as it slaps shut, we tried to show that we will be marching forward with our new song. It’s a choreography that signs our new beginning,” the vocalist said.

On the album, Jinny is once again listed as a lyricist and Min-ji made her debut as a composer for sidetrack “Hola.”

Min-ji, talking about the rough journey she took while penning the track, said she had poured much effort into trying to meld in all the bandmates’ traits.

But all in all, Min-ji was thankful for the opportunity to be able to record the song as a B-side track.

“I first wrote the song with much anxiety, but I’m satisfied with how it came out, and I’m looking forward to how fans will respond to the track,” she said.

This time, Secret Number drifted away from its high-teen concept and went for a dashing and devil-may-care look.

Lea, while nervous about the band’s new look, was also confident about the work. Although the band bid farewell to its signature energetic ambiance for the time being, she said the change suits them.

Jinny, listing some of the changes, said they donned black leather outfits, Lea got a haircut, and “I, the pink princess, dyed my hair into pink.”

When asked if the band encountered any difficulty ahead of the album’s release, Zuu, the youngest member, said she had fun seeing the shift in the band’s musical style and concept.

“All I can remember is that I enjoyed the whole process, and I came to realize that the concept suited my aptitude. The new style could be interpreted as the introduction, and more stories will be unveiled through our album,” she said.

At the end of the event, Lea said she is excited about meeting fans in person.

“Since we’ve made our debut during the pandemic, it shuttered the chance to meet up with fans face to face. But since many of the restrictions are lifted, I think we’ll be able to greet fans, and I’m sure such occasions will be held more often. Also, I’m beyond thrilled to hear fans’ voices in music programs,” Lea said.

The two-track package was released on Wednesday at 6 p.m.

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