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Victon offers overcoming through 7th EP ‘Chaos’

Cover image for boy band Victon’s 7th EP, “Chaos” (IST Entertainment)
Cover image for boy band Victon’s 7th EP, “Chaos” (IST Entertainment)
As the summer season is approaching and music charts are ready to revel in new summer anthems, boy band Victon is hopping on the summer music craze with its seventh EP, “Chaos.”

This marks a return from the septet just five months since its previous work, “Chronograph,” released in January.

In a press conference Tuesday, Seung-sik said that “confusion” and “chaos” are the two terms that best delineate the six-song package.

“Chaos” is a follow-up to the group’s previous album, and it’s the second in its “time trilogy” series. The EP is aptly named -- the “chaos” refers to the confusion that derives from living in a world where the future is fixed.

Through its new EP, Victon aims to show how the bandmates lost motivation because of their destined future and became lethargic as they cannot be the masters of their own destiny.

Gushing about the new album, Seung-sik said the road to releasing “Chaos” was a long row to a hoe. He said, “We’ve received so much love and attention from our previous work, and I’m thankful for that, so it was a burden. We all tried hard to show another side of us, especially musically, through this album.”

Leading the album is “Stupid O’clock,” which Seung-sik described as “a pop-based dance song that likens the importance of ‘time’ to ‘love.’” The titular hour refers to the late night or early morning, he added.

Byung-chan chimed in, saying the chorus makes the song worth listening to. “There’s a line that goes ‘cause your mind’ in the chorus, and I think that is the highlight of the track,” he said.

Su-bin, Han-se and Seung-sik also listed themselves as lyricists for the album. Han-se wrote lyrics for all six tracks, while Su-bin wrote words for “In Love,” which talks about wanting to stay in the summer season with one’s lover. Seung-sik wrote the lyrics for “Dear.young,” which is a letter-like song dedicated to comforting the past self and the self in the future, he said.

Talking about “In Love,” Su-bin said the song is a love song, but it’s also a fan song for “Alice,” the band’s official fandom.

“One day, I got a call from my company, and the staff member told me that it would be nice if I write the words to the song,” he said. “I was lost at first because I didn’t know what to write about, but I wanted to meld in what I wanted to say to my fans, which is how the lyrics came out.”

Other sidetracks that round out the album are: “Bonnie and Clyde, “INK” and “Stay.”

As a song he cherishes, Se-jun said “Bonnie and Clyde” was in neck-and-neck competition to be the lead single.

Seung-sik added, “We were also divided in which song to pick as the titular. Some opted for ‘Bonnie and Clyde,’ whereas some rooted for ‘Stupid O’clock.’ I personally chose ‘Stupid O’clock’ because it was a track that could show a different side of us from our previous songs.”

Victon also expressed excitement about meeting fans in person through its promotions for the first time in nearly two years. The K-pop act will meet fans virtually and in-person Tuesday evening through a fan showcase event.

At the end of the conference, Su-bin said he would be more than happy if Victon’s music could provide comfort and energy to music listeners instead of expressing high hopes of doing well on music charts.

“I’m a type of person who takes a turn for the better by listening to songs. Music is a medium that gives me comfort, so I hope that the same would apply to those who listen to our music.”

“Also, it was the first time we’ve put out a music video shot like a drama format, so I think it would be nice if we hear from fans that all of us are good actors,” he said, laughing.

The six-track package hit global music platforms on Tuesday at 6 p.m.

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