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[Diplomatic Circuit] Colombian Embassy, celebrating cultural diversity in Seoul

Vertigo Graffiti team (Colombian Embassy in Seoul)
Vertigo Graffiti team (Colombian Embassy in Seoul)
Colombia is celebrating the 60th anniversary of bilateral relations with South Korea and 40th anniversary of the Seoul-Bogota sisterhood in cultural events.

As part of the celebrations, the Colombian Embassy in Seoul is co-hosting cultural events with the Seoul Metropolitan Government on the sidelines of Colombia’s participation as a guest of honor at the Seoul International Book Fair, to be held from Wednesday through Sunday.

The embassy will host a performance of “Mural Project With Vertigo Graffiti” on Sunday and the “Colombia Tierra Querida” dance show to share its rich and diverse Colombian culture, the embassy said in a press release. 
JDC (Colombian Embassy in Seoul)
JDC (Colombian Embassy in Seoul)
“Mural Project With Vertigo Graffiti” signifies everlasting friendship between Colombia and Korea, and sisterhood between Seoul and Bogota, according to the release.

Vertigo Graffiti is a cultural organization formed by director Camilo Fidel Lopez along with artists Ricardo Vasquez and Santiago Castro, who have been creating, producing and executing projects related to the practice of graffiti and urban art since 2009.

According to the Colombian Embassy in Seoul, “Colombia Tierra Querida” will demonstrate traditional dances and rhythms from Colombia such as cumbia and salsa, among others, embodied in a joint dance performance signifying the bonds of friendship between Colombia and Korea.
Julio Victoria Live Band (Colombian Embassy in Seoul)
Julio Victoria Live Band (Colombian Embassy in Seoul)
The JDC studio for dance and entertainment in Seoul, founded by Colombian dancer Jhonatan Jimenez will perform, according to the press release.

The embassy added that Julio Victoria Live Band will also deliver a concert.

Julio Victoria is a top Colombian DJ and producer who specializes in house and techno music.

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