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The newly upgraded TM Robot S Debut at SIMTOS 2022

GOYANG CITY, South Korea, May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The newly upgraded TM Robot S made a debut at SIMTOS, with comprehensive hardware and software enhancements; smarter integration with vision and peripheral software, more intuitive human-machine interface, and safer human-machine collaboration, suitable for a variety of industrial applications, and fully realizing smart manufacturing.

The newly upgraded TM Robot S made a debut at SIMTOS
The newly upgraded TM Robot S made a debut at SIMTOS

Techman Robot will be launching the newly upgraded TM Robot S series. This series has enhanced the safety of human-machine collaboration over the current models. It has passed European and American safety certifications and has the industry's most advanced collaborative arm with 31 safety certifications, the highest in the industry. In response to various industrial applications, Techman Robot has upgraded the dust and water resistance level of the S series and launched a newly developed robot teach pendent to make teaching and deploying robots easier and faster. In addition to hardware upgrades, Techman Robot's innovative human-machine interface- TMFlow has been completely revised and upgraded to version 2.0, providing a more intuitive operating experience. In addition, more powerful offline programming software can be used for application path simulation and Cycletime calculation. TM Robot S series have both new software and hardware upgrades to quickly assist customers in creating collaborative robot solutions for various needs.

In addition to upgrade collaborative robot series, Techman Robot said, "We keep developing total solutions to help enterprises and closing the gap for every business such as Food and Beverage industry. Due to the pandemic, the demand of automation is surging. TM Robot with built-in vision has offered precision, flexibility through automation of food preparation and process. Besides, it provides human safety and food hygiene safety at the same time. There are several well-known companies have implemented TM Robot. From Food to electronics manufacturing, it can be applied in a wide range of industries."

Techman Robot also launched exclusive welding operator this time, which helps users to meet the welding needs of different shaped workpieces, and is compatible with the well-known welding companies OTC and Panasonic. It can be controlled directly through the robot interface and is no longer limited by the traditional way of using welding robots. It can provide visual assisted positioning function and uses hand guiding to teach welding on points and tracks intuitively and quickly, offering Japanese and global system integration suppliers the possibility of using TM robots to develop more welding applications.

Looking upon 2022, Techman Robot is optimistic on the development of automation and will continue to build up distributors and recruit system integrators on semiconductor, electronics, welding and food fields to jointly explore Korea market. With Smart vision, fully upgraded collaborative robot, Techman Robot will assist the enterprises to the future of smart manufacturing. More information, please visit

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