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Posco’s Park1538 wins three iF Design Awards

Posco’s cultural complex space Park1538 (Posco)
Posco’s cultural complex space Park1538 (Posco)

Posco’s cultural complex space Park1538 located in Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province, has won International Forum Design Awards, the steel giant said Sunday.

In the category of urban, landscape design and wayfinding system, Posco’s Park1538 has been recognized by the Germany-based forum for integrating its headquarters, company memorial, visitor center and parks, converting the whole site into open and public space under concept of sustainable connection and autogenous vitalization.

This cultural complex, covering 29,000 square meters, has been also created with a comprehensive signage system, based on the module signage system involving the figure-of-eight infinity loop and its geometric form, the company said. It has been recognized for providing visitors a consistent brand experience by integrating comprehensive visual language with the brand identity, according to Posco. 

In the category of Kinetic Art, an artwork installation inside Park1538 called Time of Sun and Moon has also received an award. Made of Posco’s stainless steel, the work depicts the history between humanity and steel, based on the motif of Solar Eclipse, the company said. 

Time of Sun and Moon inside Park1538 (Posco)
Time of Sun and Moon inside Park1538 (Posco)

The park’s name is a reference to 1,538 degrees Celsius, the melting point of iron, and the space symbolizes the infinite possibilities of iron and the sweat and passion of Posco employees. It used 807 tons of steel construction material from POSCO to create space. After officially opening the space in April last year, it has drawn an accumulated 33,000 visitors, according to the company. 

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