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Kia unveils its first purpose built vehicle Niro Plus

Kia’s Niro Plus (Kia)
Kia’s Niro Plus (Kia)
Kia unveiled the design and the functions of its first purpose built vehicle Niro Plus, which has been developed based on its flagship electric vehicle Niro EV.

The carmaker said Niro Plus, the spinoff version of Niro EV which has been launched in 2018 also as hybrid and plug-in hybrid models, has been invented to satisfy customers’ various needs.

The vehicle comes in two variations: A model dedicated for taxi drivers and another one designed for individual purposes or corporate use.

Its 10.25-inch all-in-one, wide display attached to the taxi model offers various in-car features and entertainments including navigation, digital tachograph and taximeter. Such functions can be automatically updated through Over the Air software updates.

Niro Plus has been designed with a wider, more spacious interior, along with a newly designed roof and rear glass, satisfying taxi drivers and companies’ need for customized space inside the vehicle. Compared with the Niro EV, Niro Plus has been extended by 80 millimeters in height, and is about 10 millimeters longer.

The rear seat area has been also expanded to 942 millimeters across, about 28 millimeters wider compared to the first-generation Niro EV.

The handle attached to the B-pillar between the driver’s seat and the second-row seat can be used as a hanger for jackets or bags, according to the carmaker. Reclining seats, lowered headrest, and C-type fast charger offer customers with comfortable in-car experience, it added.

Kia Motors said a special Niro Plus for camping will be unveiled next month.

“Besides the taxi version of Niro Plus, individuals can enjoy camping with Niro Plus for their holidays, while using the vehicle for commuting purposes during the weekdays,” said an official from Kia.

Kia said it will also use Niro Plus as the main model for car hailing service in the global cities.

The price will be decided upon its official launch in the next month, it added. By Kim Da-sol (
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