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[팟캐스트] (439) 정몽규 HDC그룹 회장 사퇴 / 외교부, 일본 외무상의 부당한 독도 주장에 항의

진행: 박준희, Brolley Genster

1. HDC chairman resigns over series of Gwangju accidents

기사 요약: 정몽규 HDC그룹 회장, 잇따른 광주 사고에 현대산업개발 회장 사퇴

[1] Development Company Chairman Chung Mong-gyu stepped down Monday, apologizing for two fatal accidents at the builder‘s construction sites in Gwangju.

* step down: 지위에서 물러나다 
* fatal: 죽음을 초래하는
* construction site: 공사현장

[2] The HDC chief said the legal period of safety guarantees on all HDC buildings would be extended from the current 10 years to 30 years, to protect customers from losses in the value of their assets caused by safety issues.

* legal period: 보증기간
* extended: 길어지다
* asset: 자산

[3] External professionals on construction safety will be invited to conduct safety checks all HDC construction sites “to cut off distrust and worries.”

* conduct: 실시하다, 지도하다
* distrust: 불신감
* worries: 걱정, 우려

[4] Construction on the site has been halted. Chung said reconstruction from scratch was an option, but the rescue operation and investigation into to the exact cause of the collapse would come first.

* halted: 멈추다, 중단되다

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2. Seoul rebuts Japanese Dokdo claims

기사 요약: 외교부, 일본 외무상의 부당한 독도 주장에 항의

[1] Seoul on Monday strongly protested against Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi’s remarks that renewed territorial claims over South Korea’s easternmost islets of Dokdo, demanding an immediate retraction.

* protest: 항의하다
* territorial claim: 영토 주장
* islets: 작은 섬

[2] South Korea’s reaction came after Hayashi reiterated Tokyo’s stance that Dokdo, which is known as Takeshima in Japan, is a territory inherent to Japan in view of historical facts and international law in his speech outlining the government’s foreign policy vision at the opening of a parliamentary session.

* reiterated: 주장하다
* stance: 입장, 태도
* inherent: 선천적인

[3] The ministry also demanded Hayashi immediately retract his remarks.

* demanded: 요구하다
* retract: 철회하다, 취소하다

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