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Hybe to premiere webtoon series featuring BTS this week

(From left) Posters of webtoon and web-novel
(From left) Posters of webtoon and web-novel "7Fates: Chakho," "Dark Moon" and "The Star Seekers." (Hybe)

Hybe, the agency behind the global K-pop sensation BTS, will premiere its original webtoon and web-novel series starring the seven-member band and other artists of the firm’s labels this week.

The agency on Wednesday said “7Fates: Chakho,” a web-comic and web-novel series based an on original story featuring BTS, will be unveiled on Saturday via Naver’s web comic platform, Naver Webtoon. Two other episodes, “Dark Moon” and “The Star Seekers,” each showing boy bands Enhypen and Tomorrow X Together, respectively, will be released in order over the next two days.

First up is “7Fates: Chakho,” an urban fantasy genre inspired by the idea of Chakhogapsa, or tiger hunters of Korea’s Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). The episode tells the story of the seven boys, who turn into tiger hunters. They overcome various hardships and fight through a chaotic world together to discover their fate.

Concept images of BTS members in
Concept images of BTS members in "7Fates: Chakho." (Hybe)

The next episode, “Dark Moon,” set for release on Sunday, is a vampire fantasy involving the seven members of rookie boy band Enhypen. It will be followed by “The Star Seekers,” a low fantasy fiction starring the five bandmates of Tomorrow X Together as characters with magical powers on Monday.

Hybe will drop an official story video of “7Fates: Chakho” at 9 a.m., Korea time, on Friday ahead of the first episode‘s opening.

The upcoming fictional series is a part of Hybe’s move to expand its original story business. In November, the company announced its plans to develop the intellectual property of its artists and create more diverse stories and fresh contents for fans.

The series also marks the first project released by Naver Webtoon and Hybe after the two companies in August announced a partnership to create web-comics and other related contents starring the label’s musicians.

The episodes of Hybe’s new original series will be serviced in 10 languages via Naver Webtoon’s global platform.

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