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B.I performs ‘Nineteen’ on Grammy’s ‘Global Spin’

B.I performs “Nineteen” in the Jan. 4 episode of Grammys’ “Global Spin.” (Grammys)
B.I performs “Nineteen” in the Jan. 4 episode of Grammys’ “Global Spin.” (Grammys)
South Korean rapper-songwriter B.I showcased his song “Nineteen” on Grammy’s digital performance series “Global Spin,” featuring on the show as the first South Korean artist.

Known for its music awards Grammy kicked off “Global Spin” in September to celebrate the diversity of music around the world. Each episode of the biweekly series has featured performances by aspiring artists and groups to celebrate both the creators and their home countries.

Grammy on Tuesday, local time, released on its official YouTube channel website the latest episode of “Global Spin” featuring B.I.

In the video, B.I performed “Nineteen” with a live band on the backdrop of Seoul’s night view. “Nineteen” is a track from his album “Cosmos,” released in November. The song sings about his heart, wanting to stay nineteen, free and reckless.

About B.I’s performance, Grammys said, “the 25-year-old displays charisma and stage presence beyond his years while performing his song ‘Nineteen.’”

B.I, originally the leader of YG boy band iKon, kicked off a successful solo career last June with his first studio album “Waterfull.” The artist had been away from the entertainment scene for years after facing drug use allegations, and in September 2021, was given a suspended sentence in a related court case.

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