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CJ CheilJedang sets up global unit for overseas business

The corporate logo of CJ CheilJedang (CJ CheilJedang)
The corporate logo of CJ CheilJedang (CJ CheilJedang)
CJ CheilJedang, a food manufacturer under Korea’s CJ Group, said Tuesday it will reorganize its business units and refine global market strategies in a bid to efficiently promote its Korean food products worldwide.

According to the food giant, it plans to divide its headquarters business into global and regional food unit.

Namely the Global Headquarter will take charge in promoting its food products such as dumpling, chicken, kimchi, Korean hot sauce and dried laver overseas.

The regional unit will be responsible for the local business with an aim of accelerating the decision making process and strengthen its social responsibility programs in the country.

Based on the two separate business units, CJ CheilJedang plans to expand its presence in the global market with strategies tailored to the food culture of each country.

In particular, the company will target the European market, which has a huge potential demand for Korean food products.

“We will start by establishing an England branch this year, since England is already the largest buyer of ready-made Korean food,” said an official from CJ CheilJedang.

As for the Eastern European market, where there has been little demand for Korean food, CJ CheilJedang will operate “Bibigo To Go” shops in major supermarkets. Bibigo is a food product line that serves frozen dumplings and other pre-cooked meals.

Also, CJ CheilJedang will use its production facilities in Japan and Vietnam to expand its business in East Asia and Australia. Using the two export hubs, the company will be able to quickly supply the food products, the official said.

In the major markets with high demand for Korean food -- US and China -- the company will further promote its Bibigo dumplings and chickens that are popular in shops and online market.

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