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[팟캐스트] (434) BTS, '2021 MAMA' 9관왕 / 세서미 스트리트 최초 한국계 미국인 '지영' 퍼피티어와의 단독 인터뷰

2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards takes place in CJ ENM Content Studio in Paju, Gyeonggi Province, on Saturday. (CJ ENM)
2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards takes place in CJ ENM Content Studio in Paju, Gyeonggi Province, on Saturday. (CJ ENM)

진행자: 최정윤, Brolley Genster

1. BTS win big at MAMA with nine trophies, top honors

기사 요약: ‘엠넷 아시안 뮤직 어워즈(MAMA)'에서 방탄소년단이 ‘올해의 가수', ‘올해의 노래', ‘올해의 앨범' 등 대상 4개부문 싹쓸이하며 9관왕에 올랐다.

[1] BTS ruled the night at 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards on Saturday even without attending, as the K-pop megastars nabbed a total of nine trophies, including four grand prizes.
*rule: 다스리다, 지배하다/ 규칙
*nab: 가져가다/ 붙잡다, 체포하다

[2] After making history at the American Music Awards last month as the first Asian act to grab the top honor, BTS extended their winning streak, taking home all four main prizes of 2021 MAMA.
*win streak: 연속으로 이기다 (=be on a winning streak)
*take home: 가져가다

[3] The septet was named artist of the year, worldwide icon of the year, won album of the year with “BE” and song of the year with “Butter.” This is the third straight year that BTS has swept all four top honors at MAMA since 2019. The band also bagged best music video, best male group, best dance performance male, worldwide fans’ choice top10 and TikTok favorite moment.
*septet: 7중주단, 7인조
*bag: 가방에 넣다

[4] “This year, we endeavored to make various musical attempts in order to create sound that could console and empower people who are enduring a hard time. We’re grateful that the music in which we poured our hearts is being enjoyed and empathized by others,” the group said, offering gratitude to their fans, Army.
*endeavor: 시도하다, 노력하다
*console: 위로하다, 위안을 주다

기사 원문:

2. Meet Ji-Young, a Korean American ‘Sesame Street’ kid’s dream come true

기사 요약: 52년 만에 미국 최장수 어린이 프로그램인 ‘세서미 스트리트'에 최초로 등장한 아시아계 캐릭터가 화제다. 특별히 ‘한국계 미국인'이라는 점에서 국내서도 관심을 끌었다. 이를 기획하고 연기한 캐슬린 김과 헤럴드가 국내 일간지 단독으로 한 인터뷰 중 일부 발췌.

[1] Most people have a favorite show they watched growing up. Something we woke up for every morning, gave us endless topics and stories to think and talk about, and perhaps gave our parents a break while we were completely immersed in what was happening on the television.
*give somebody a break: ~에게 기회를 주다, ~를 너그럽게 봐주다
*immerse: ~에 몰두하다/몰두하게 만들다

[2] “Sesame Street” was ‘that show’ for 41-year-old Korean American Kathleen Kim. That’s why it was “a dream come true” when she became the puppeteer for the show’s first-ever Asian American character Ji-Young.
*dream come true: 꿈을 이루다/ 비슷한 표현: realized, fulfilled
*puppeteer: 인형술사

[3] “I remember being able to tell the time because I knew what time ‘Sesame Street’ was on, even before I knew how to tell time on a clock,” Kim said in an interview with The Korea Herald, smiling broadly. “It wasn't just about the ABCs and one, two, threes. It was also so formative and taught me about friendship, naming feelings, humor, and music. I can't believe that I get to be a part of it today.”
*broadly: 활짝 (웃다), 대략
*formative:  (사람 성격 등의) 형성[발달]에 중요한

[4] There was intention in making Ji-Young specifically Korean American and giving her a Korean name, not a monolithic pan-Asian figure. In fact, the Sesame Workshop team and Ji-Young’s puppeteer focused on making the 7-year-old muppet look and sound as realistic as possible, “not prim and proper, but more like just a kid.”
*monolithic: 하나의 덩어리로 뭉친, 단일체의
*prim and proper: 점잔빼는, 정돈된

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