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Samsung ranks 4th on global digital inclusion index

Samsung Electronics said Wednesday that it was ranked 4th out of the top 150 global tech companies in an index that gauged corporate efforts in using technology ethically and for reducing digital inequality overall.

The Korean tech giant’s ranking soared from last year’s 10th position from the World Benchmarking Alliance’s Digital Inclusion Benchmark, topping all of its Asian peers.

The WBA is a global alliance of more than 200 global, regional and local organizations that encourages the private sector to play a critical role in achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs.

The Digital Inclusion Benchmark, launched last year, aims to evaluate tech companies’ progress in improving access to technology, enhancing digital skills, and innovating technology both openly and ethically.

Samsung said its efforts in digital responsibility have earned recognition in the latest WBA evaluation.

The company has newly introduced a set of guidelines for the ethical use of artificial intelligence technology from the development process; operated its own start-up accelerating program, called “C-lab Outside,” to support the sustainable growth of the start-up ecosystem here; and run several education programs for students and job seekers to enhance digital skills.

Other projects such as the SeeColors app, a mobile application helping adjusting the colors on televisions for the color-blind, were also recognized for improving accessibility of its devices for people with disabilities.

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