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Catapult Launches New Baseball Analysis and Injury Prevention Features

Catapult Launches New Baseball Analysis and Injury Prevention Features

-Catapult develops new algorithm that can discern among baseball motions

-Baseball teams spend $423M per season on salaries of injured players

-Performance analytics can help to avoid injuries and speed up decision making

BOSTON, Nov. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Catapult (ASX:CAT), the global performance technology leader in elite sports, today released its enhanced Baseball Analytics solution, which includes a new algorithm to discern Swing, Pitch, and Throw actions specific to baseball players' motions. This innovation will save coaches and teams time when making critical decisions about athlete performance, and unify reporting into one platform to keep players healthy all season long. This latest innovation from Catapult was built with insights from professional and collegiate baseball players, ensuring it offers the best accuracy possible.

"Professional baseball teams have come to expect injuries to be a part of their seasons, to the tune of approximately $423 million each year, but it doesn't have to be that way," said Catapult CEO Will Lopes. "We've built a solution that can accurately capture all the unique movements and running patterns of baseball players and show those insights to coaches all in one place, so they can optimize athlete performance and avoid costly injuries."

To enhance the Baseball Analytics solution, Catapult worked with some of the best teams in the U.S. tracking bat swings, pitches, and throws to develop the most accurate algorithm possible. The enhanced solution discerns between a range of fine movements, including deciphering between general throwing and pitching, to give coaches an accurate view of player performance and empower them to customize training and rehabilitation plans. This enhanced view ultimately helps clubs avoid costly injuries that could sideline top players.

Among the metrics provided for each event tracked in Baseball Analytics are:

  • Throw, pitch and swing count
  • Max Rotation by throw, pitch, and swing
  • Max PlayerLoad by throw, pitch, and swing
  • Sum of Max PlayerLoad per all events of that type

The above data is captured by Catapult's performance analysis software and wearable solution, Vector, a GNSS/LPS device for elite sports, which delivers live algorithms, communications, and enhanced performance insights and functionality to coaches and athletes. The inertial sensors inside Vector are capable of delivering detailed baseball-specific analytics that go beyond video tracking and ball mechanics to accurately measure the physical demands of the sport.

Catapult has been providing performance analytics to professional baseball teams since 2015. The enhanced Baseball Analytics solution will be available from December 2021. Read more about Catapult's Baseball Analytics technology on the company's blog.  

About Catapult
Catapult exists to unleash the potential of every athlete and team on earth. Operating at the intersection of sports science and analytics, Catapult products are designed to optimize performance, avoid injury, and quantify return to play. Catapult has over 400 staff based across 24 locations worldwide, working with more than 3,200 elite teams in 137 countries globally. To learn more about Catapult and to inquire about accessing performance analytics for a team or athlete, visit us at Follow us at @CatapultSports on social media for daily updates.

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