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InvestCloud launches InvestCloud X

Next-generation product suite revolutionizes wealth management communication, planning and financial product distribution

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- InvestCloud, the global leader in financial digital transformation, today unveiled InvestCloud X – its most significant product innovation yet. InvestCloud X is three revolutionary products packaged into one: a Digital Communication platform transforming the way advisors interact with clients, a Digital Planning platform designed to cover the simplest to the most sophisticated needs of all investors, as well as a Digital Shopping platform for financial products called the Financial Supermarket.

Co-founder and CEO John Wise said: "Combining three products into one is a game-changer. The ability to work on plans at different age and wealth moments, then immediately select financial products to achieve these plans, and then monitor, report and communicate in one platform and product is a game-changer."

Like everything InvestCloud has done in its 11 years since inception, InvestCloud X is deployed on InvestCloud's financial cloud platform, which today supports $6.3 trillion in assets across over 20 million investor accounts in over 40 countries globally. As with all InvestCloud products, InvestCloud X has been designed and built using InvestCloud's iProgram (formerly known as PWP), the patented AI code generating engine that is a revolution for cost and time to market. Connecting all aspects of InvestCloud X is of course the InvestCloud Digital Warehouse, the custom central data warehouse cataloging data for seamless search and access the world over.

Intuitive Digital Communications

The InvestCloud X Digital Communication platform is a digital platform for client and advisor communication. It enables the creation of custom experiences that can be optimized and refined for an unlimited number of personas and viewed on mobile or desktop, from anywhere, at any time. Using both gaming and decision theory, InvestCloud's behavioral science offerings encouraging end-users to stay actively engaged in their financial wellness. The platform also leverages AI trained on historical information to serve up custom recommendations for products and actions in a client portfolio.

Intelligent Digital Planning

The InvestCloud X Digital Planning platform offers completely comprehensive financial plans, at any stage of the wealth continuum, from basic goal-based planning for the mass affluent to the sophisticated and complex needs of all investors – including tax and estate planning. As with the Digital Communication platform, the Digital Planning platform is entirely customizable to the end-user, allowing advisors to guide their clients in completing and maintaining their financial plans on their own terms.

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer for Digital Wealth Yaela Shamberg explains: "From Lifestyle to Goal-Based plans, Cashflow, Tax, Trust and Retirement, the Digital Planning platform in InvestCloud X is a fully digital experience, accessed using the InvestCloud X Communication Platform. These Planning tools leverage the same behavioral science techniques that are core to InvestCloud, encouraging engagement with a thorough eye on design and user experience."

A Revolutionary Financial Supermarket

The Financial Supermarket is an Amazon-like marketplace for the financial industry – a financial product marketplace for distributors and manufacturers. With the Financial Supermarket, all products are cataloged on one platform, allowing for simple search by advisors, simple addition by asset managers and simple execution by advisors for clients. The products can be marketed with detailed information – from historical performance data to rich media (video, podcast, etc.), which help paint a clearer picture of the opportunity.

Chief Product Officer for the Financial Supermarket Fred Duden adds: "This is our game-changer. Insights and due diligence are digitized and seamless within the Financial Supermarket. As with all things InvestCloud X, this product information is effortlessly shareable via the Digital Communication platform, and executable via the Digital Planning platform."

InvestCloud hosted a live stream launch event last week, and a recording of the product launch is now available on the InvestCloud website here.

About InvestCloud

InvestCloud is a global company specializing in digital platforms that enable the development of financial solutions, pre-integrated into the Cloud. The company offers on-demand client experiences and intuitive operations solutions using an ever-expanding library of modular apps, resulting in powerful products. Headquartered in Los Angeles, InvestCloud has over 20 global offices including New York, London, Geneva, Singapore and Sydney, supporting trillions in assets across hundreds of diverse clients – from the largest banks in the world to wealth managers, asset managers and asset services companies.

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