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Food maker Daesang gets new 65th anniversary logo

The new Daesang Group logo (Daesang Group)
The new Daesang Group logo (Daesang Group)

The South Korean food company Daesang has a new logo to mark its 65th anniversary.

The new logo “reflects Daesang’s ambition to use the past 65 years as a steppingstone to leap into a global company continuing on for the next 100 years,” said Daesang Holdings CEO Choi Sung-soo.

The group’s name now appears in lowercase letters that form a tree branching out into the sky. The changes signify the group’s commitment to sustainability and to the health of its customers, it explained.

Each letter in the group’s name represents a strand in its corporate “DNA,” it said: social responsibility, improved corporate culture and new management philosophy, among others.

“While prioritizing our commitment to our corporate philosophy, which is making a healthy world for both people and the environment, we will also advance as a company that leads change and innovation,” Choi added.

Founded in 1956, Daesang Group is famous for its MSG flavor enhancers. 

The group owns a number of other food brands, such as Chungjungone and Jongga Kimchi, and has some 30 offices around the globe.

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