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Korea Arts Group hosts ‘the color of your mind’ multicultural concert

Poster for “Woollim V - The Color of Your Mind” (Korea Arts Group)
Poster for “Woollim V - The Color of Your Mind” (Korea Arts Group)
Korea Arts Group hosted a multicultural concert named “Woollim V – The Color of Your Mind” at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Seoul on Tuesday.

The concert, sponsored by Seoul Metropolitan Government and The Korea Herald, was a part of a private festival in Seoul to support multicultural artists and art groups.

According to the organizers, the concert hoped to send the message that people all over the world recognize each other‘s differences in religion, language, race and culture, and break walls of stereotypes and discrimination.

The concert included the performances of JTBC’s phantom singer Baritone Soko, soprano Katrina Krumpane, and classical guitarist Bae Jang-heum, electronic valve instrument player Evi Alex Volkov, gugak singer Park Ae-ri and poppin’ dancer Nam Hyun-joon.

Created by artistic director Ha Man-taek, music director Rose Song, conductor Carlo Palleschi and director Hyo-Seok Lee, ‘Woollim V – The Color of your Mind“ connected with audiences from 150 countries around the world through YouTube and bbangya TV.

By Sanjay Kumar (
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